Superhero Strengths to the Emotional Rescue.

Superhero Strengths to the Emotional Rescue.

You have a lot of strengths in common with Superman.  Yes you should continue reading.  In fact I want you take this post seriously.  So I’ll never say you’ll be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound or soar through the air, like a bird or a plane.

Superman is a service provider.  Fighting crime.  Caring and protecting humanity.  In times of need he showed his strengths, courage and passion.  He did whatever he could to maintain order.

However this Superhero has one weakness.  When the Baddies wanted to get the better of him they used kryptonite to take advantage.  It’s their only weapon.

Can you guess what your kryptonite is?  There aren’t too many things that can take you down.  What has the potential to weaken you?

  • Not the people around you.
  • Not the work you do.
  • Not where you live.
  • Not what you own.
  • Not your education levels.
  • Not the clothes you wear.
  • Not the car you drive.
  • Not what you look like.

Thinking and feeling. 

Your mind can cripple you if it’s not put to good use.  Without self-awareness that kryptonite lives within you.  Presenting in times where strengths would serve you better.

There is a big, big, big difference between you and Superman.  Your limitations are nothing more than in your head.  You have the ability to control your thoughts.

Humans are full of emotions.  There’s no escaping them.  No bargaining with how you feel.  No stopping the sensations that arise within you.

Some moods require no change whatsoever.  Yet there are others that disrupt our lives.  Feeling: –

  • Angry
  • Miserable
  • Fear
  • Uncertainty

These are the emotions that require attention.  They’re strongly felt.  They can demotivate, deflate and instigate reactions that we don’t generally display.  We know they exist.  These feelings have created turmoil in the past.

Within seconds we can feel a number of different emotions.  If that’s the case, we had better get well acquainted with the shifts in our moods.  Make them work for us rather than against us.

We can’t operate effectively when we don’t know how we tick.


There’s an automatic part of our brain that remains on constant replay.  Our minds continually reminding us of the past.

Recalling events that are old and no longer relevant.

  • Mistakes that were made.
  • How we embarrassed ourselves.
  • Words spoken that should have been left unsaid.
  • The annoyances of others.

Some thoughts feel like torture.

If only we could unplug.

Reflection is a powerful tool when used correctly.  Discipline is required when learning how to tame your head space.

Superhero Strengths to the Emotional Rescue.


Become the master of your mind.

Don’t allow the mind to wonder aimlessly.  Without controlling your thoughts, you’ll be under constant threat.  Never knowing where your thinking muscle will take you to.

When you take out an insurance policy you want to know all of the finer details.  What bundles are on offer.  All the advantages of the package you decide upon.  What’s not covered in the agreement.  Preparing for any future possibility.

That’s the sort of knowledge and organisation you want when dealing with your mind and emotions.  Trusting yourself to manage any situation.  Aware of what actions you’ll take.  Not losing control at the first sign of pressure or stress.

Others may cause ruffles in your life.  Yet they can never be a star in your show until you allow them in.  You get to decide if someone else is able to bother you?  How much attention you want to give them is up to you.

Change how you spend your thinking time.  Aiming at being the ruler of the mind.  Deciding what thoughts are given permission to hang around.

We ordinary people might lack your great speed or your X-Ray vision, Superman, but never underestimate the power of the human mind. We carry the most dangerous weapon on Earth inside these thick skulls of ours. – Mark Millar, Superman: Red Son

Strengths become apparent when you face the truth.

When Wonder Woman captured an outlaw she would bring out her truth lasso.  Wrap it around them so the facts would be told.  Every criminal detail forthcoming.

Bring out your Wonder Woman attitude.  Make use of the lasso.  Look into who you are and how you react to the world.  Find your reality.  Locate your truth.

Look into who you are and how you react to the world. Find your reality. Locate your truth. Click To Tweet

Facing ‘YOU’ will be the biggest challenge you will ever have to embrace.  It’s possible to nurture the relationship you have with yourself.  Accepting and valuing the whole of who you are.

  • Acknowledge how much of a contribution you make to the people around you.
  • Appreciate the amazing qualities you possess. Write them down and keep adding to this list over time.
  • Stop and observe your actions. It’s only then you’re able to challenge thoughts and behaviours.

The only power you have is in what you say and do.  It’s liberating owning every thought and action.  Taking full responsibility for yourself.

Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: “With great power comes great responsibility.” This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I’m Spider-man. – Spider-Man

It’s liberating owning every thought and action. Taking full responsibility for yourself. Click To Tweet

Working on your limitations.

The Joker, a sworn enemy to Batman.  This Villain used everything in his power to knock out his rival.  Superhero’s have no time for evil.

Use your Batman style to conquer your limitations.  Fight against every vulnerability with all your might.  You won’t stand for negative attitudes having power over you.

Relish in the strengths you have.  Use these super powers to work on your drawbacks. Assessing which behaviours and old beliefs are outdated.

The plan.

When you begin to reflect on problem areas in your life, it will appear as if there’s endless amounts of work to do.  Self-improvement does not finish when you’ve ironed out a few thoughts and behavioural issues.

The more you learn about yourself the more you realise there is to uncover.  Layers upon layers of a unique individual yet to be discovered.  Some traits are surprising.  Others not so comforting.

Keep in mind that you made a choice to walk the path of self-awareness.  Being awakened should be rejoiced rather than worrisome.

Say for instance, Janice finds it difficult to be in crowds.  She decides it’s time to overcome feeling terrified at big events.

Janice goes in search of solutions.  She finds many ways others have gone about conquering the same problem.  In fact she is spoilt for choice.  There are too many options.  She decides on the approach she will take next time she is surrounded by people.

Janice realises the time has come to try her new strategy.  She’s feeling anxious.  Playing with her finger nails is another indicator she’s outside of her comfort zone.  Both these triggers remind Janice she must action her plan.

Things are going along steadily.  She still feels socially awkward.  Although the new method is working.

After the situation has passed, Janice sighs with relief.  Her new way of networking is a success.  She’s going to do more research and become an expert in this area.  Determined to get over her fear.

What happens if the plan did not go accordingly? 

It all goes wrong.  In fact because of the plan Janice nearly hyperventilates.

It did not go the way she had thought it would.  She reflects on what went right and what requires more work.  She goes back to her research and chooses another strategy to work with.

Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up. – Batman Begins

When it does not go according to plan: –

  • Celebrate the small wins. She was gutsy enough to give it a go.  She had made progress.
  • She is actively seeking change.
  • As soon as the triggers became apparent, Janice actioned her plan. She was taking on her limitation.  She was not backing away from it.
  • This was not failure. Nor a mistake.  There’s one strategy Janice is aware of that does not work for her.  In theory, the chosen approach sounded like a perfect match.  In practice it was not.  Janice now has to go back and research the next method.
  • Progress certainly has been made. Any action walking towards change is a step in the right direction.

You try a new recipe.  It’s turns out wrong, nothing like you had hoped for.  You don’t pack up the kitchen and buy take out for the rest of your life.  You go in search of another.  You’re not deterred.

When your favourite team loses the game.  You don’t give up on them and never watch the sport again.  You discuss what the team did right and wrong.  You talk strategy.  Had they done certain things differently they could have had a chance.

We go in search of the best fit when we’re working with limitations.  Celebrate disappointment.  Had you not consciously actioned a new strategy you would never know the outcome.  Of course setbacks hurt.  It may have been uncomfortable or humiliating.  Yet the plan was put into action.

In Conclusion

The people in your life are a priority that’s a given.  However there is one person that trumps everyone else.  That’s ‘YOU’!  No question about it.  Learning about yourself benefits everyone in your circles.

Being unaware of how we tick is navigating through life blindly.  You have a choice about how your mind operates.  You can let it run wild or you can discipline how it’s used.  The latter is far more beneficial to you.  Our super powers are what we use to overcome the struggles we face.

Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman only ever relied on their strengths.  Use the same power to conquer your limitations.

Discipline the mind so that reflection is a tool used to better yourself.  Not make you feel bad.  History is only useful for reminders of the good times.  If thinking of the past hurts, it’s an opportunity to develop and grow.

Once you recognise the parts of your behaviour that require a review.  Go in search of a strategy.  Have a plan of attack ready for the next time a similar situation arises.

Emotions pop up and they can be managed better if they’re understood.  Never ignore your feelings.

Our strengths come from understanding ourselves.

Do you have an opinion on what you have just read?  Why don’t you share it by posting a comment.  



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    • Hey Brenda,

      Glad the blog had an inspiring affect. That is music to my ears. That’s what I aim for.

      Thanks for the feedback on site. Slowly started to lose the fear of hitting the wrong button and doing something wrong.


    • Hey Nadya,

      Welcome to Dig A Little Deeper.

      The only way you are capable of growing within yourselves is through self examination. Appraising your thoughts and behaviour. Its worth doing. We have to live with ourselves for our entire life.


  1. Hi, Rachel
    What an interest post. A very serious topic about emotion but using Batman and Wonder woman to express your points.

    Everybody has his strength and limitation. It is to conscious about who we are. Our strength lie in the fact that we know our own strength and limitation. Our limitations are conquered by our strength.

    I glad that you pointed out when our action plan fails, we try on new plan. We
    continue to do that until we success.


    Stella CHiu
    Stella Chiu recently posted…My Journey to Increase the Numbers of Facebook LikesMy Profile

    • Hey Stella,

      Our strengths are our Super powers. We use these when our limitations are about. Knowing and understanding our own flaws is a strength in itself. Accepting them can be take time.

      Its when we are working toward change that our plans can fail. I have always seen a fail of this kind as a wonderful strength. Facing an area in our life and searching for change, it just didn’t turn out the way we planned. Once the war wounds disappear these are what make great stories.


    • Hey Janine,

      Welcome to Dig A Little Deeper.

      Beautifully imperfect has a wonderful ring to it. This what the post is about embracing those flaws and when you decide that something needs changing you bring out your strengths to do it. Meditation and Yoga certainly would be aids in balance and clarity. Both my personal favorites as well.


    • Hey Mi

      Use the mind to plan and the heart to keep the passion alive. I could not agree more.

      I like how you put it. Our emotions could boost our struggle – so true but first one has to be able to control themselves to this degree, which is no easy task.

      I have never seen confusion as an issue. It means one is thinking and doing. Asking the right questions, doing research and looking for answers, trusting in oneself to find the resources and answers is how to face this. Changing behaviour and thought patterns is not for the light hearted and does not always come with certainty or clarity. But we can continue to look for answers.

      Thanks for your comments.


  2. Great post. I agree that we are, and need to be the masters of our own mind! Worry solved nothing except to frustrate us. I am a firm believer in taking responsibility for our words and actions, accepting that sometimes we are wrong, learning and moving on.

    • Hey Cynthia,

      Its okay to be wrong, make mistakes and get is all messed up. Facing it and owning it means we are taking responsibility for our words and actions. That is admirable behaviour.

      I agree we certainly do need to be masters of our own mind Cynthia.

      Thanks for your comments.


  3. Hi Rachel,

    I just love the way you crafted this post with the super heroes mentioned. It was such a delight to read.

    Yes, we do have superpowers. We just have to realize them. Our mind is a powerful thing. Acknowledging our own kryptonite is the first step. No matter what it is, like “Janice’s difficulty of crowds” She acknowledged it and from there can work on it.

    Maybe it won’t happen overnight, but the more we focus on our triggers, fears, and so on we can be “Superheros”


    • Hey Donna,

      We can only work with information that we have at hand. Had Janice been unaware of what was making her nervous while she was in crowds she would not have been able to find strategies for change. First she had to be aware it was the crowds that unsettled her.

      Our Superhero strengths are what will get us through. Especially in the hard times. So we really do want to become familiar with ourselves.

      I have always been fascinated by people who avoid the doctors when they are sick. It may be they distrust the doctor, it maybe because of a past situation. But not knowing what illness you have – how can you work with your superhero strengths and work towards getting back to good health or better dealing with whats at hand if you don’t know whats going on.

      I agree Donna, change in behaviour or thoughts is never overnight. But we are resilient creatures who can face adversity better than we give ourselves credit for. Thanks for your comments.


  4. Hi Rachel

    First of all, I say thumbs up and what a way to make a post awesome by usin super heroes concept to make your point.

    You ae so right about emotions. If one doesn’t take control of his emotions it can get out of control. Emotions control thought which contols our actions so you are spot on that one should make an effort to keep his emotion in check.

    Limitations are part of life but their job is to make us push ourselves from our comfort zone. As you brilliantly shared, when one makes a mistake, he moves forward and does not give up.

    When I am faced with a challenge and I fail, I always learn from my mistakes. However, I like to learn from the mistakes of others to help in avoiding unnecessary errors.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    • Hey Ikechi,

      Don’t you just love a Superhero in lycra?

      As we are a mixed bag of emotions we have heaps of work to do to take control of our emotions. Well initially anyway. Don’t you think that because we are with ourselves 24/7 it best if we get a grip on the emotions that make us want to act in ways we may regret later. Or something we say because we have lost control of our emotions. These lessons have happened to us all.

      To make life easy for ourselves, we need to look in and work on ourselves.

      I can certainly appreciate what you say about learning from other people’s mistakes. I’m a keen observer avoiding the pain others have put themselves through. As humans we are inclined to attempt things that will hurt us several times if we’re not conscious of our actions.

      Mistakes are what makes us wise Ikechi. We should never be afraid to fall. Its all apart of this wonderful thing called life. Thanks for your comments.


  5. Hi Rachel,

    Emotions – positive and negative – is what make us humans. Those who promote only positive attitude in life by disregarding anything negative, they are misleading us. Those who see everything negative in the world but they don’t see anything positive, they are a bad example too.

    You are so right, the biggest challenge, the cryptonite lays within ourselves. We are the only ones who can fix what drag us down. We are also the ones who pick the right teachers and mentors to help us.

    I love how you mention about self improvement. We are work in progress, no matter what. Fixing what is broken and dealing with our cryptonite, it needs baby steps in the beginning.

    Thank you so much for this amazing post. Wishing you a wonderful day!

    Psychic Nest recently posted…Reincarnation and the AfterlifeMy Profile

    • Hey Psychic Nest,

      Both positive and negative emotions serve us. The feel good ones are showing us that everything is going along smoothly. The negatives show us areas in our life that require us to examine aspects of our world. We may need to learn something, work on something, have an uncomfortable conversation, face something. Both are a blessing in their own right.

      I have always wondered why people invest so much time in everything else but themselves. We have the power to make our lives hard or easier the more we get to know ourselves. Although I have to say, some people will live this life in hardship and ignorance. Some will seek out teacher and mentors, some won’t even come to the realisation that they could do something about what is going on in their life. I have just read a post of yours and could shift into a spiritual angle but will leave those conversations for your blog.

      Great seeing you back.


    • Hey Marina,

      That’s a great attitude to have. I too believe you’re a Superhero. Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping on by.


  6. Hi Rachel

    Very interesting and inspirational post. It is great when we can take characters like Batman and Wonder woman to express ourselves and rescue one’s emotions.

    We must become the master mind of our emotions and rather than let them get the better of us, we must do all we can to take control of them and bring them into a place of subjection.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hey Yvonne,

      I agree mastering the mind is essential to our own personal well being. Yet we must never forget that negative emotions are just as valid as the feel goods. It’s what we do while we feel our emotions that count most. Bad feelings do get a bad rap but they are telling us something. Acknowledging all of what we feel in order for them to pass through us. Hence the reference to the Superhero powers. When we accept all of who we are we’re better equipped to work with how we feel.

      Thanks for the visit, it was good to see you.


  7. Hi Rachel,

    You’re right. Your mind is a powerful tool and you should use it to your advantage, not let it run you. Love how you tied in the super heroes, especially since they’re becoming so popular again with all the new movies. Great way to get people’s attention to a topic that is so important.


    • Hey Lea,

      Our minds are powerful indeed. Getting to know how we operate individually can bring about many new developments and insights. The more we know ourselves the better equipped we become to managing all of what life presents.

      Superheros will always be popular I believe especially when we see ourselves as a powerful source. Thanks for your comments.


  8. Great post, Rachel!

    “History is only useful for reminders of the good times.”

    ^ I like that. Is that quoting someone or something, or is that a Rachel original?

    The Batman references are awesome, too.

    I once had a mentor who told me that successful people focus on their strengths and delegate their weaknesses.

    Your post reminded me of that.

    Once we accept that we aren’t perfect, it’s best to focus on what we excel at and spend less time worrying about where we feel inadequate.

    Brent Jones recently posted…How to Use Upwork Like a Pro with Laura PenningtonMy Profile

    • Hey Brent,

      I could not agree with you more Brent, focus on strengths and certainly delegate the weaknesses. That bought a big whopping smile to my face. Generally as humans we are so good at the opposite. Sit in misery and inadequacy in our weaknesses. Linger in them. And it does not serve us well, nor is there an use for it. It can hinder us.

      Throw perfect out and aim for balance. Facing ourselves is one of the best and toughest relationships we will have. We are worth it. We are with ourselves 24/7 – may as well have a worthy relationship.


  9. Hi Rachel,
    Kryptonite live within us…True!! It’s amazing what we can achieve through consistent self awareness.
    We have to face our truths like you said. No more blaming others and playing victim.
    When we continue practicing what you laid out here, we will reap the benefits of our own super powers.

    • Hey Vernon,

      Taking responsibility for our actions is liberating. Maybe not immediately because we have to face a lot of our own internal stuff that we have become so comfortable in accepting that external forces are at work and we had rendered ourselves powerless for many years. There’s lots of beliefs that need to be examined. The start of this path can overwhelm people. But if a person is willing to persist and examine themselves its a wonderful journey. It makes us stronger mentally. I agree Vernon we certainly do reap the benefits.


  10. Hello Rachel,
    I am moved to write a comment because this post has moved and inspired me. Also helped me to realize there are more possibilities. I read a lot of motivational stuff, yet I know this will be one I come back to, to read again.
    Very well laid out. The points pulled out in white are the gold nuggets. I also love that you used the batman quote. I use that with my 4 and 5 year old kids all the time…yet somehow reading this, I am looking at it with a broader view. Seeing how it applies to me in my journey. I have been working on myself for my life, yet in the past 4-6 months I have undergone a major shift. I am working on looking at myself with more truthful eyes. Tearing down old beliefs and looking at them closer, seeing if they are still useful. I felt like the floor had fallen away and I had nothing to hold on to. I am now rebuilding my foundation. This will be a place I come to again.
    Thank you for your words and wisdom.
    Here’s to us being in-joy-in ourselves.
    Sending thought of Love Light and Laughter for our journey’s.

    • Hey Gaz

      Its your first time at Dig A Little Deeper, so welcome.

      Who doesn’t love a great quote from Batman. No matter the age we can all enjoy Superheros. I bet you get a lot of wisdom coming from your children. They are wonderful for honest feedback.

      It’s exciting news that you have under gone a major shift. I like to think of them as quantum leaps. Working on ourselves consistently. Sometimes its grueling work, other times it feels as if it will never end. We get hard on ourselves and impatient until we come to terms with who we are. And while the shifts are subtle they transform us, becoming the solid foundations that we have been aiming for.

      It is a firm belief that we should always reflect on our words and actions; they are identifiers of where we can self develop – as you already know. We service or replace our old cars and phones and that’s what we need to do with our beliefs and actions. Like you so wonderfully said, “tearing down old beliefs and looking at them closer, seeing if they are useful”. That’s tremendous self assessment. You should be patting yourself on the back.

      While our floors may fall out around us, with patience and strength we can be gentle on ourselves when we rebuild. Have you ever noticed that the tough or uncomfortable times seem as if they were nothing when you have over come a hurdle. Now that is cause for a happy dance.

      Keep up the wonderful work you are doing on yourself, the benefits are limitless to yourself and those around you.


    • Hey Michel,

      As a difficult situations begins to develop we are alerted by our feelings. It happens so fast so we have to use a number of different skills. We must question, how we want to represent ourselves (because we can only ever be responsible for our own words and actions). We have to ascertain what we want from the situation. Ego generally takes over and fires up and says ‘I want to win’, which makes the situation a competition. But if we want a win-win, we don’t go on the attack or the offensive. And once again this can all be decided upon when we feel a certain way.

      Thanks for commenting at Dig A Little Deeper.


  11. This is an amazingly written, my friend. Was feeling down a bit because of the so-called emotions we carry around and expectations we have from people but good that I read this and now feel energized again. Thank you for helping when needed. I did not know this blog exists but now that I do I believe I will be becoming an avid reader of your blog. Thank you again for fixing the energy that I was missing.

    • Hey Prabhudatta,

      After reading this blog there was a shift in your energy levels. That is such great feedback. Thank you.

      I get where you were with those pesky emotions, they seem to present themselves at the most inconvenient of times.

      Thanks for your comment.


  12. To be hero reloaded it takes alot of confidence and self esteem. Don’t be shaken no matter the situation. Always stand by the truth and have defensive mechanism to support your arguments. By these virtues you fit in any society. Above all embrace your capabilities. They are valid and don’t entertain negatives.

    • Hey Carolyne,

      Sounds as though your self belief is strong, so how you operate suits you. I love when that happens.

      For me my truths are solely my own and I do love to share them with others. Especially with those who have other beliefs. What makes me very comfortable is they are my truths and anyone can knock them or disagree, I’m not trying to convince anyone or change their views. I am just sharing information. This knowledge gives me strength and confidence to back myself. This mechanism works best for me.


    • Hey George,

      I find case studies back points/insights. But what I really like to get out of examples is that behavior change is a long and arduous journey. If one is gutsy enough to endure the rewards and hardships that come with this type of change, the end results most often are big shifts in thoughts, behavior and life in general.


    • Hey Tejas

      It makes the whole writing process so much more rewarding when we share information and some like yourself takes something new away with them.


  13. We cannot be afraid to make mistakes. We are our biggest weakness, and our fears/doubts will cast a dark cloud over any bright dreams we may have. It takes a lot of patience and self reflection, but one can clear the air after looking inward, even if for a few minutes. I have learned that meditation is a great way of learning about who you are. Take a few minutes to do this and you will learn so many things. Thank you for sharing this post, it’s truly a blessing!

    • Hey Patrick,

      You nailed it. We cannot be afraid to make mistakes. I always say, “permission to fail, be embarrassed, to mess up”, while this is never the direction I like to fall, allowing for error gives me room to enjoy the process, laugh at myself while making that mess.

      Patience, is like a life sentence for us all. While most of us have patience in many areas of our life, generally we all lack patience in some areas – it’s human.

      Self-reflection is one of my favorite tools for moving forward. Keep up that meditation – we tap into things that still can’t be explained today but the benefits are endless and all it takes is time and that dam patience again.

      Thanks for sharing.


    • Hey Jeremy,

      We all sure do have superpowers within us, like you stated. They say if we have any questions lingering in our minds, we should be patient and wait for the answer to surface. The answer will present itself in many forms. It maybe a conversation you have, a truck may have an advertising campaign on it with a word that gives your thought processors a jolt. It could be watching your favorite TV show and the answer presents itself.

      For me this is a core belief and the experiences I have with trusting this process have been amazing.

    • Hey pingmycareer,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Its great that you took something away from the post. That’s what makes the writing worth it.


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