Professional Integrity; Know Your Boundaries.

Professional Integrity; Know Your Boundaries

When boundaries are tested, strength is demanded.  Professional integrity will endure the harshest of business blows.  Welcome critics to assess the foundation of sound principles.  All is revealed in troubling times.

High standards excel above and beyond mediocre or lackadaisical performances.  Transparency clears up any uncertainty.  It’s only the ignorant that think power of such magnitude can be easily trampled.

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Power is actualized only when word and deed have not parted company. – Hannah Arendt

A promotion.

Close professional bonds are an additional bonus in our everyday working lives.  Friendships are formed and trust develops over time.

A promotion shifts these dynamics.  It should be a time for celebration.  Yet this step up has the potential to create animosity in established relationships.  Job titles change as pay rates increase.

With a new position comes more responsibility.  Confidentiality is a priority.  No longer able to disclose employee details or gossip within the group.

A struggle develops when attempting to balance new rules with old work friends.  Moving up the corporate ladder is not achieved with sloppy work ethics.  Professional integrity is at stake.

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Emotions Don’t Do Any Damage, Actions Do.

Emotions Don’t Do Any Damage – Actions Do.

Think about all the emotions you feel when visiting the Circus.  The first act is with the monkeys and clowns.  We giggle at the cheekiness of their tricks.

Then the harrowing acrobats flipping through the air.  Leaving us breathless and in awe of their death defying performance.

You’ve never seen all the young girls in the audience so quiet when the Princess comes riding out on her Pony.  Wondering if your child has forgotten to blink, she’s so enthralled.

As that act finishes the Cowboys and Indians come out for the boys.  Now it’s their turn to be captivated.  The bad guys start to take over and the audience is in an uproar.

Each act delivered to stir all your emotions.  While we’re spell bound by the performances we don’t feel a sense of loss when one act comes to an end.  We watch, observe and enjoy it for what it is.  A passing moment.

That’s how we should experience our feelings.  Every emotion makes itself known to us.  It has the potential to shift our mood.  When all we had to do was acknowledge it without reacting.  Aware it will move on.

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Leibster Blog Award

Q & A with my people for the Liebster Blog Award.

What an exciting opportunity to develop relationships and get to know our fellow bloggers.  The Liebster Blog Award is similar to a chain letter. Gathering a mass of people to focus in on one another.

Driving traffic to our blogs.  In the hope that a couple may enjoy what they see and subscribe to our email lists.  A task that never leaves our ‘to do lists’.

What drew me in were the rules.  Sharing information that we would not normally write about in our blogs.  I thought it a celebration of individuals.

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Confidence shines when you enjoy who you are.

Confidence Shines When You Enjoy Who You Are. (Part 2)

Why is it that we have confidence and are able to manage well on some days?  Other times we feel jilted by who we are?  Where self-assurance once was, scepticism has now taken its place.  How do other people keep a steady flow of confidence?  Why does it appear that yours comes and goes?

Blame it all on those feelings.

Think about how many different emotions you feel in one day.  Our moods change depending on the person we’re communicating with and situation we’re in.

The secret is not to react to your emotions.  Think of yourself as one of the sky gods.  While you’re in discussions you’re also watching all the action from high above.

The sky god does not react to the emotions only observes and feels them.

Other contributing factors.

As if those pesky emotions aren’t enough.  Add to the mix other extenuating circumstances.

Your eight hours of sleep.  Being well rested certainly helps everyone through their day.  Think about when you don’t get enough shut eye.

Parents will confirm how hard their days are when bubs kept them up all night.  Tolerance levels go down.  Stressful situations are not managed nearly as well as they would have been had the right amount of sleep been had.

Being hungry reduces concentration levels.  Irritability and impatience are telling signs.  Becoming physically weak without food can slow down our thought processors.  Fueling up balances our mood.

The immediate attitude shift.

Have you ever felt a little fragile?  Maybe indecisive or a little edgy.  Then someone pisses you off.  There’s an instant mood change.  Uncertainty no longer lingers in the mind.  You’re clear about what you stand for and where you’re at.

These days you go from second guessing yourself to immediate decision maker.  This is a reminder that confidence was not far.  It was just kicking back and did not need to be in command.

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Walking the path requires discipline to turn dreams into reality.

Walking The Path Requires Discipline To Turn Dreams Into Reality.

The path paved with good intentions is nothing without the actions.  The journey of life will provide you with: –

  • bends in the road (new opportunities),
  • sharp turns (unexpected changes),
  • hills (life’s upheavals) and
  • bridges (fear).

You notice along the way there are many side streets.  Some appear interesting and even tempting.

As humans, we often stray from the path, finding other areas of our life that we want stimulated.

Sometimes we’re looking to escape or find an easier way of doing things.

We discover after a while these alleys are nothing more than distractions.  Some emotionally and others financially costly.

These are our life experiences.  Once we feel the sting of the lesson; we are righted for a time and head back on the path.

Are you a detours kind of person?  Seeing the path directly in front of you.  Yet some of those side streets light up like Time Square on New Year’s Eve.  It’s easy to be lured down these avenues.

You go down enough of these streets to recognise there are no short cuts in life and diversions create chaos.

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Do You Have the Right Skills to Empower People?

Do You Have the Right Skills to Empower People?If time is precious then shouldn’t we be having conversations that encourage growth?  Sharing experiences that are inclined to motivate.  You possess the right skills to empower people.  May as well put them to good use.

There should be little room for gossip or circulating in negative banter.  This has no value.  In fact the truth will have most naysayers backing away slowly.  Speak louder, have authority in your voice, drown at any doubters.

While they’re removing themselves to a safe listening distance, hold firm.  As time goes on people recognise what you stand for.

Empowering mode.

This is working in the flow of an individual’s thoughts and ideas.  Stay on their topic of choice.  Ask questions and show interest.

Don’t be in a hurry to have your say.  Listen and enjoy others holding the floor.  When you’re in empowering mode you’re going with the mood, attitude and behaviour of another.

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. – Stephen R. Covey

When the times right, share your observations.  Emphasis their good qualities.  Underlining what they do and how you’re fond of these particular abilities.

Assess their feedback.  Their response is an indicator of whether you should continue.  You’re not seeking approval or agreeance.  You’re looking for permission to proceed.

Some people won’t want your help or guidance.  Yet most individuals love to hear what you see in them.  Especially if it’s a ‘feel good’ quality.  Empower people, highlight their best assets.  This will rev up the conversation and get them thinking.

Empower people, highlight their best assets.This will rev up the conversation and get them thinking. Click To Tweet

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Confidence – A Trademark You Talk, Walk and Wear.


Confidence - A Trademark You Talk, Walk and Wear.

There’s an attractive air about confidence.  It’s like a magnet, we’re drawn to people who are comfortable in their own skin.  It’s a self-belief that blossoms internally yet presents and shines outwardly.  A talk without talking.  It taps on shoulders and gets people’s attention.

Putting your skill set and abilities to work. 

Confidence is a billboard for exploiting all the good points.  Using these mastered tools, highlighting strengths.  Aware that there are limitations.  You’re not daunted or ignoring them.  They’re not what are utilised when dealing with others.

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Not all of one’s life has to be full or complete to feel confident.  Self-assurance easily adjusts to changes that can be made.  Accepting what is not shiftable.

You have a university project to complete.  Its way over your head.  You know little of the subject.  Yet you utilise all your strengths to accomplish this goal to the best of your ability.  Breaking down this assignment into small achievable steps.  With lots of hard work you recognise you’re more than capable of meeting the set requirements.

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Interview with Deshawn Keiner from NaCaroInc.

Interview with Deshawn Keiner from NaCaroInc.

Deshawn is no ordinary woman.  Her childhood was not easy.  Facing hardship and abuse.  Growing up with little love. You could understand why anyone would want to drown their sorrows and numb themselves to the world.  It’s not like there aren’t a number of valid reasons.

Yet you won’t get those kinds of thoughts or words from Deshawn.  What you will receive is encouragement. She knows the depths of despair. Waking up and reaching for her cure was a daily habit. Read her post A Cocaine Addicts Morning.

She has the capacity to empathise with you when you’re not on top of it.  She won’t be at your pity party.  But she will be by your side showing you how you can come back from anything.  How you’re valued, regardless of what you have been through. 

She will not stand for you sinking.  She won’t hear any of that.  Her message is clear.  No matter what you have done, how you previously behaved you can choose the life you want to live. 

She doesn’t give it to you sugar coated.  You want raw honesty.  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Sorting your life out and living a drug-free existence is not easy.  But she will always tell you you’re worth it.  You deserve it. Read, 5 ways to achieve peace in your life.  Her tried methods for keeping her balance. 

I can’t wait for you read the interview I have had with Deshawn from NaCaroInc

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He says beer, she says shoes. The compromise in a relationship.

He says beer, she says shoes. The compromise in a relationship.The word compromise gets tossed around lightly.  Talked about as if it’s the easiest thing in the world to come to terms with.

Having a standard and lowering it to meet in the middle.  These discussions are about adjusting your expectations.

At times theory and reality walk parallel to one another.  It’s tough work negotiating.  Looking for a win-win situation.

Disagreeing is essential to your own well-being.   Especially if you won’t be able to live with the terms discussed.  Regardless of how uncomfortable sharing this information can be.

New beginnings.

A recently committed couple discuss future plans.  Mortgage, marriage and children.  Taking the relationship to the next level.  There’s enthusiasm being caught up in these talks.  At the time it sounds good and feels right.

Hours after the discussion irritation starts to build.  One party isn’t sure anymore.  It has begun to feel more like an obligation rather than embracing what seemed like logical steps forward.

It’s obvious that’s what partners do.  Yet internally there’s an uneasy feeling rising within, demanding attention.  Now these talks feel rushed.  Maybe it’s was too soon to be making such plans.

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How to Pitch A Strong Opinion Without Losing the Message.

Strong Opinion

Have you ever listened to a speaker deliver a message where you hold onto their every word?  It’s a spectacular scene to behold.  Its that strong opinion that sparked passion.

Every part of their voice and gestures show commitment to the subject.  Creating discussions where everyone’s hooked.  There are many for and against.  The whole group are under no illusion, it’s the subject that’s under attack.  Disagreement stirs the conversation.

The message is lost when: –

  • It becomes personal.
  • It’s about one person’s point of view. Every other opinion is dismissed.
  • Individuals are being talked over.
  • The main objective is to win an argument rather than debate it.

A crowd will leave the talk with what stood out the most.  The subject is no longer the talking point.  The behaviour has people shaking their heads in dismay.

Problems arise when one falls deaf to views that aren’t in line with their own.  Behaving as if their beliefs are the only ones that matter.      

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