New Bloggers; The Statistics Are Against Us.

New Bloggers: The Statistics Are Against Us.Dear New Bloggers,

I have some good and bad news. Firstly the statistics are against us. Not only do we have to contend with our own blogging illusions, there are numbers stating that most of us won’t make it. Does that feel like a challenge and/or pressure?

Who thought they would write a couple of posts and become an overnight success?

When doubt checks in and your mind starts to think about checking out, it is the time for discipline.

So when doubt checks in and your mind starts to think about checking out, it is the time for discipline. Click To Tweet

Blogging is no different to operating a small business. First you have to establish a reputation within your own industry (niche).  Then you have to persistently work hard to remain relevant. How much sense does it make, to think you can say, ‘hello I am here’ and expect the same amount of recognition as those who have already ascertained their reputation as industry experts?

Every field has its own processors.

  • A university degree takes four years to complete. And this gives you entry at ground level.
  • Black belt athletes take years to master their skill set. Starting from one kick and slowly adding other actions to form second nature reactions.

As time started to pass, insecurity started to live in the pit of your stomach. Other issues started to surface.

  • Feeling that fear factor, questioning whether blogging is for you.
  • Struggling with the rise and fall of enthusiasm and confidence and then disappointment. This blogging caper leaves our emotions all over the place.
  • Putting in hour upon hour to see little progress.

On these days I strongly urge you to move one small step in front of the other.

The good news is there are many posts written emphasising the process to achieving blogging success. There’s no secret formula.

Each article continually highlights hard work and persistence.  Informing us to use our unique qualities to make it in this arena.

Follow the advice, stretch yourself and learn what you don’t know. Understand the rules and then adjust them to suit your style. In order to sit yourself amongst those bloggers with the most followers.  Who receive massive amounts of traffic to their blogs.  You have to do what they do.

If you read the post Brett Jones wrote titled 39 Top Bloggers Reveal How They Get More Traffic you will notice that each individual talks about how they market their posts.  They all have their own approach to achieving this outcome.

New bloggers are not the exception to the rules. When the process seems overwhelming, that’s the time to breathe.  Slowly take to educating yourself, working out how the tools of the trade can best work for you by practicing them.

One could be grateful for not having a big following at this point, because there is little time to spare. Fortunately you are not doing anything that has not been done before. The experts have faced all our issues and lived to tell the story.  

If you read Ikechi Awazie’s guest post The Most Common Excuses For Not Being Listened To you will find that he simplifies our excuses for feeling that our voice is not being heard.  This article gives me hope because it cuts out all the nonsense our brains can produce when we’re feeling under pressure.

While you are working towards increasing your presence on the internet and the amount of traffic visiting your blog, you get to brush up on:-

  • writing; practising your craft. Would you enjoy reading your own posts? Developing skills to entice those who visit your blog to become regular reader.
  • how to trust our own opinion and thinking at a fast rate when returning comments.
  • observing the ideas of fellow bloggers. We can use this time to become the critic. What do your eyes and mind like and dislike?
  • working on fixing your blog. The speed and the design.
  • developing new skills required to receive more traffic, gathering extra knowledge and confidence.
  • turn marketing in to a habit. Work at this until uncomfortable becomes comfortable.
  • finding your way around your niche.
  • working on strategies that suit your own personal and professional style.
  • reaching out and getting the attention of those who are already established in your niche.

So you thought it would be all bells and whistles in three to six months. Do you know anyone who became successful in that short period of time?

Chioma Anozie wrote a post called 10 Steps You Should Take To Become Successful In Life where she notes that it took J.K Rowling 7 years to complete her Harry Potter books.  Chioma mentions Neil Patel and Pat Flynn and details how these three struggled in their own way to achieve greatness.  Keep a success story close at hand.  So when you are struggling your favourite story is within reach.

Count your small wins.

Here are some ideas to restore your faith in the process:-

  • When you get stuck – look to fellow bloggers. There is so much information to ensure we are able to switch our motivation back on.
  • Find your go to people.  The ones you can rely on to lend an ear and share advice, when you feel the odds are stacked against you.
  • Have your doubt, lack of motivation and brain block plan in action. Be ready for these moments, because any success comes with a rocky road.

New Bloggers


If I wake up insecure, I begin working. If I wake up feeling happy and challenged, I take the same steps. Why? Because it is repetition of all the actions we did yesterday and the day before that; that will change our, nobody status in our preferred niche, to a somebody.

If you read my post, Do You Make A Left Turn Into Self-Discovery you come to understand that when we start something new, we must work for a period of time in what I describe as the gap.


In Harleena Singh’s post Blogging Basics: CRUX of Blogging Tips for New Bloggers the following statement is sited, “Reciprocation is the key to building relationships in blogging”.   This mutually beneficial action of replying and leaving comments is a time consuming process.

However the benefits certainly outweigh the time spent. By engaging in this manner we are:-

  • developing relationships;
  • reading subject matter that allows our mind to expand and gives us an insight into other bloggers point of views and writing styles;
  • responding to comments. This differs to content writing because we respond immediately without having to go back and work on our piece later;
  • by being authentic and genuine you start to develop trust amongst the peers in your niche,
  • this can in turn create an invitation as a guest blogger, which has been repeatedly talked about by established bloggers. This creates link backs to your own blog.

I personally don’t read other bloggers comments before I have written my own.

  • I don’t want to be influenced by the opinions of others.
  • I want to practise responding in my own fashion.
  • I do this to ensure I am training my brain to structure responses while reading posts.

The experts have to find time to:-

  • write quality content,
  • meet SEO requirements and research keywords (Check out Erik Emanuelli post titled, On-Page SEO:  What You Need To Know To Optimise Your Web Pages).
  • review analytics,
  • attend to their back of house blogging business,
  • respond to their readers’ comments,
  • attend to marketing promotions.

The difference between the experts and the new kid on the block is they have accepted the process and are comfortable with the routine they have established.

The 80/20 rule seems common knowledge among bloggers. Writing is 20% and marketing is 80%, if this is the case, then I guess we all had better start becoming more involved in the marketing side of things. This is the nature of blogging.

The more you learn the more work you have to action. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and question whether you have bitten off more than you can chew.

I relate to the blogging process similar to that of a rite of passage. Until you have put so many hours into your work, reached out and commented on other blogs and finding your own structures. You don’t get a look in.

It takes time to build a reputation in this cyber world as with any other industry.

Keep your eye of the big picture, but understand it takes over a thousand little steps to create that scene. This not a linear process.

Who would venture into any project that was only smooth sailing. Once we get over rough seas, we feel a sense of relief.  A new wind gets up our sail and we speed off again with added confidence.  Until we hit turbulent waters.

In these times we must work harder because the winds are messing with our direction. It is only when calm waters are upon us again that we get to reflect on the chaos we went through.

We knew we had the skill set; however we felt a little frightened when it got demanding.

I’m in this, I’m committed and no matter what hurdles I face, I am going to jump them one way or another and one at a time. So are you with me? Come on New Bloggers take my hand lets become old time bloggers together.

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    • Hey Yash,

      Thanks for the visit and comments.

      Patience and persistence in all areas of our lives is beneficial, but after reading a new bloggers work, they seemed a little disappointed by working hard with very little result. This got me thinking about my own process. How some days I feel like I can reach for the sky and there are no limits that can stop me and other days being filled with fear. That was my primary motivation, to keep me on track and share how I go about that.

      I agree with you about stop worry about the results, however sometimes worry seems to overcome us and we don’t quite know how to be rid of it. I say we should feel this and move through it, especially when it comes to blogging. The next day is generally not the same.

      I am a bit like you, learning from others is a primary tool that I use to move forward. Talk soon.

  1. Hi Rachel ma’am,

    I agree, it is so important to constantly stay relevant and keep coming up with great content as the blogosphere is already so noisy.

    Blogging does require a lot of patience. Those who lack persistence or patience are usually seen leaving this game in no time.

    Everyone has their own strategy. Some work on and implement tactics which are proven to work while others explore their own secret formula to drive traffic. I was glad to contribute to the round-up post at Brent’s blog. I was amazed to see some common tactics all of the bloggers were employing to reach their traffic goals.

    Thanks for mention a post from my blog as well. I was happy to have Justin at my blog for writing that guest post. Success is never permanent, so celebrating small wins can be a great motivation booster. 🙂

    This is an epic piece, many bloggers might find inspiration from the posts you have linked and the ideas you have mentioned.

    Thanks so much. Can’t resist sharing this post on G+, Twitter and Pinterest.

    With gratitude and appreciation,
    Rohan Chaubey recently posted…13 Remarkable Situations Which Fascinates Bloggers QuicklyMy Profile

    • Hey Rohan,

      Thanks for your support. I agree with the patience and persistence, I came armed with those to when I started blogging. What I was not prepared for was the blogging back of house and that sat me flat on my bottom in shock, still to this day I freeze up when I have to learn something more. I am always looking for tutorials or a post to get me through and so far this has worked.

      That round up you were in, was a mind blower – so many people with the same strategies but with their own personal twists. And when I saw your face in there I was so delighted to see someone I was in regular contact with.

      As I am still new to blogging I try to take so much care with the links, but everyone from AHA was easy because I am so familiar with your writing and know the quality of the posts. As I was writing this, I realised I had the links and I did not even have to go in search of them. Because those posts were what stuck in my mind. So thank you.

      Staying strong as a new blogger is one of my subjects that I continually check in with because I am so new. I am determined to see myself here in a couple of years, but understand why it would be so easy to give up, because the learning curve has been tough but rewarding. Please share away, I am just about to do the rounds on Google Plus, Facebook, Reddit, Stumpleupon and Scoop it. Talk soon.


  2. Hi Rachel,

    You are right, Blogging is not an easy task. It is no different from business: It takes time and dedication to grow. A blogger must be willing to sacrifice a lot at the beginning, must be willing to learn and must be willing to continuously offer unique, quality content so as to attain authority status in a particular niche.

    I am thrilled with the way you systematically outlined the stages every blogger faces. There will be moments of doubt and moments of joy. But what wins is consistent effort. I read Brent’s round-up post and discovered that most of these pro bloggers started small but consistency and dedication to strategies that work for them got them to the level they are. I also read Ikechi’s post and he did a good job of pointing out ways we jeopardise our blogging efforts to start with.

    Thanks for mentioning my post in your article. I am glad you loved it and I really hope it inspires others too.

    I must commend your efforts in writing this piece. it aint easy to put together a good piece. Thanks for sharing it too. Do have a wonderful day.
    Chioma Anozie recently posted…10 steps you should take to become successful in lifeMy Profile

    • Hey Chioma,

      Thanks for the visit and comments. Your post really struck a cord with me. It was like the light switched on and I got to say, I’m going to get better at my craft no matter how long it takes, because success does not have a time limit, therefore my patience and persistence should not either.

      I think the stepping stones we take to get to where we want to go, give us comfort and confidence, with the small progress we make. We don’t take one step and expect to be ten steps ahead. We have to take those ten steps to feel firm with the ground we walk on.

      Overnight success stories highlight that individuals lack in confidence, but hold massive amounts of fear. Susan Boyle is a classic example of this. She flew to stardom and did not take the steps most did. Her voice was amazing but she was not ready for the industry. She ended up having a nervous break down.

      Ikechi’s post got rid of the excuses I tell my brain, he reiterated what my mind does every now and again and now I point blank refuse it. That is why I have set writing hours so regardless of how I feel, I am entering the writing zone. For me this is a wonderful habit or routine.

      Brent’s round up was a blessing and well timed when I found it. If we can’t find a comfortable way to market with all that information, then we are in for a bit of trouble. I got so excited by this post. Promoting made easy.

      And Harleena and Rohan are my two of my favorites. Rohan has a back of house Facebook film, where he zooms around his home page and this gave me great insight into how I should be working my social media sites. And Harleena has been one of my rocks from my first post so I never resist a post she writes.

      So we are in it for the long hall Chioma, I am glad because I thoroughly enjoy your writing style. Talk soon.

  3. Hey Thought it’s my first visit to your blog that to because of the alluring work in tittle statistics are against us. As of now they are really against me but I wish implementing on these will certainly drive those negative results in to positive. Yeah I seems that It may take some time but still have to work hard.

    Marketing has altered the way to write post now write posting comes later while the term about marketing strikes head before.

    Anyway what I personally feel if genuine post is written for the sake of ease of reader to get what they are looking for the work of a writer or blogger is done.

    Apoorv Agrawal
    Apoorv recently posted…6 plus Great Niche Ideas for Your New BlogMy Profile

    • Hey Apoorv,

      Welcome to my blog. Don’t worry Apoorv, the statistics are against me too, I have been blogging for ten weeks now. So we can turn all our negatives into positives together. At least we are under no illusion about the hard work we have to continue to achieve our own personal goals. But I like the fight and the challenge.

      Marketing is where I am at right at the moment, no really knowing my next step, but that is okay I will take some time out next week to really think about it. Because it is the main part of blogging, along with growing our relationships with fellow bloggers, which is really exciting anyway. I don’t see building relationships as a chore, but a part of the blogging job that is thoroughly enjoyable.

      I agree with you about genuine post writing. I try to shape my posts so they are easily read, enjoyable and give a guide to overcoming some issue or a tip in the area I am talking about. Thanks for commenting, I look forward to further conversations.

      Talk soon.


  4. Hi Rachel,

    You make an important point about marketing blog posts. It’s not something to which I had paid much attention until this year but how else are others going to become aware of the content which we create?

    Developing a unique and interesting blog is definitely a commitment. It’s a marathon and not a quick sprint. As you rightly point out, we cannot allow our emotions to dictate how we approach the task because there will be good days and bad days and days which bring surprises. One post may receive many comments unexpectedly whereas another, which we thought would get a lot of engagement, somehow doesn’t resonate with the audience. Still, we need to keep going and refining our skills so that we can consistently provide quality content for the readers.

    Have a great week!
    Kirsty Major recently posted…My guest article on Maxwell Ivey’s blogMy Profile

    • Hey Kirsty,

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      I agree, you never really know what post is going to take off and which one won’t get as much attention. I am new to blogging and the post that has surprised me is this one. But the feedback has been about the title and how it drew attention to my blog. But as you said it is a marathon and one I am so glad I decided to commit to. By the sounds of it you feel the same way. It does make sense when you think about marketing – that we have to promote, promote, promote or how else will others become aware of our content.

      I find the emotional roller coaster ride a thrill, even on those days I doubt, I know deep within my heart that it is only a bad day. I have rigged my time up so that regardless of how I feel, I write. And my mind now accepts this writing time without too much of a fight.

      I had prepared myself for the quiet times, because I want to practise writing quality content. I look forward to reading your guest post in a couple of days. Thanks for the comments.


  5. Hi Rachel,

    This is a wonderful surprise from you – a post on blogging! Seems the blogging bug has bitten you sweetly!

    Let me start by firstly thanking you for the kind mention of the latest post here, the very reason your message drew me to come here and comment. You know I wouldn’t have otherwise, being on a break, but you also know I couldn’t resist it 🙂

    You’re absolutely right that blogging requires the same discipline and regimen as you need to have a run a business. It is said that you need about 1000 days before you can break-even in business and start reaping rewards. Of course, in the digital age, this stipulated milestone has been drastically reduced and online startups reach the stars within a year of launch!

    Indeed, there is no secret formula and no prescription that is general to all. While you do need to have certain common characteristics and qualities as a blogger, every blogger charts their own path. It’s a path of continual learning that sometimes includes steep curves.

    Beginning as a blogger is challenging but at the same time an interesting phase and like taking a plunge in a sea of information, right? It’s good to swim tracing the course of those who crossed before you and look up to their lighthouse wisdom for direction. But you can maintain your individuality and create your own unique personality.

    You’ve beautifully complied all the essentials that a new blogger should know and practice. I admire your spirit of facing and winning over the blogging challenge and thank for writing this informational as well as motivational post for all the new bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Blogging Basics: CRUX of Blogging Tips for New BloggersMy Profile

    • Hey Harleena,

      Big smile – thanks for the response while you are so busy.

      I did not think I was writing about blogging really. Over the last couple of weeks, I have seen some fellow bloggers who are new like me – well they kind of sounded a little deflated about their writing. And I know from my own experience there is nothing worse than to commit to something and then think you have made the wrong decision. So I wanted to write about how it feels to be the new kid on the block and how I remedy my mental doubt. But I wanted to back that with sound authority and it so happens that I get my quality content from AHA, so who better to link with. And I was rather pleased because the links I used I did not even have to think about because those posts sat in my mind.

      Finally I understand what SEO is used for and what Google ranking is about (not even sure if I have worded that last bit correctly), I thought bloggers who have been writing for a while were being nit picky. But I finally got it. So that is what I am attempting to learn at the moment. Keywords and the right titles for the post.

      When I first started I was a mess and a fellow blogger said to take one step at a time, one would have thought I would have already known about doing it like this. But I was so tangled up with so much on my ‘to do list’ that I was not thinking clearly. I am still a little wobbly but I take this amazing journey one step at a time. I feel challenged most days, but when that doubt sets in – it is a tough day. And they are the only days when I am on alert, the rest I just keep going. Thanks for your feedback, you know I appreciate it. Talk soon.


  6. Hi Rachel,

    Great post and thanks for linking to my roundup.

    A while back, I published a post on building relationships with other bloggers. (

    The longer I spend blogging, the more I realize it is a contact sport. In other words, the more contacts you make, the more successful you will be.

    My roundup is a great example. Thanks to the power of 39 other bloggers behind it, it has received more shares and comments than any other post I’ve ever published.

    Spend 80% of your time networking and 20% publishing content — and you’ll find you gain traction much faster. I definitely wouldn’t describe myself as a pro level blogger or anything… I’m still learning and growing like everyone else. But I learn and grow faster with connections than without.

    Good luck, and let’s keep in touch!
    Brent Jones recently posted…5 Terrific WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Social SharingMy Profile

    • Hey Brent,

      Welcome to my blog, it seems I have just met you but feel very comfortable with chatting with you. I will read the link you attached in the next couple of days and the 5 Terrific WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Social Sharing. It appears this post has made a stir more so than any post. I am a little shocked and have a few more posts to respond to.

      Big smile at your analogy of blogging being contact sport. I so agree. Contacts is what it is about. I have to start thinking about my email list. I am my first subscriber and I just got word that I have another subscriber today (but I am thrilled by my first subscriber). So that will be my next step.

      Of course your round up post would be doing great, you had so much great information packed in that post. It must have taken you ages to make contact with every one and structure the content. But what a fantastic read. I actually felt a bit cheeky saying Hi Brent, I have just come to your blog and now I am using your link. But I felt I could not miss the opportunity because it backed up my information perfectly. It was like my writing and your post were in sync.

      I am slowly coming to terms with the 80/20 rule. Promoting is a new area for me, so I have to start getting comfortable with it. But I do comments on a daily basis, one because I am learning so much, two, I enjoy it and three it benefits me in the long run. I appreciate your comments and will be catching up very soon.


  7. [ Smiles ] Hi Rachel, despite the statistics, it is possible for a new blogger to excel in the blogosphere.

    If they are willing to invest their time in producing valuable content for their readers, their work would be appreciated by others.

    New bloggers must never give up their faith in blogging (Giving up is, the wrong type of attitude for a blogger).

    Also, it is imperative that they learn about the blogging basics from the expert bloggers and promote their content like crazy.

    Knowledge is power and the more they learn about blogging is, the greater the chances of their blog surviving the figurative “Test of time,” in the blogosphere.

    Great post and do keep up the good work.
    Renard Moreau recently posted…Another Superb EDM Mix From DJ Nigel “Sicky” KinsaleMy Profile

    • Hey Renard,

      Thanks for the visit. I am a brand new blogger (10 weeks) and I intend to excel in blogosphere. I have many hard yards to complete but I am up for the challenge. I work harder now than I have ever worked for someone else – doing this blogging business. But I would not have it any other way. I could not turn it off now, even if I wanted to, but I really trust the process. The amount of time I have invested in blogging is truly unbelievable. I don’t know where the time goes. It just disappears when you get focused.

      I am in the process of learning more and I am at the promoting side of things where I feel a little unsure, but I will continue with it. I am reaching out and finding new ways of doing it and I am not sure if you read the link in the blog about the round up of 39 experts – that is just jammed packed with marketing ideas. I am going to spend quite a bit of time on that next week and attempt to draw up a strategy for myself.

      Your strength and confidence shines with your feedback, thank you. Talk soon.


        • Hey Renard,

          I did not put your name to the blog, there was so much content and 39 people in that post, please excuse my overlooking your name. But now I won’t forget, big smile. Bit funny me, rattling off a post that I think is the ants pants for me to someone who was in it. Blush, red face and giggle. Oh and by the way, congratulations for being in a great round up. I am going to use it like a bible. Next week I am going to rip that post apart and work on my promotion strategy. Thanks for the reply.

  8. Hi Rachel

    This is a brilliant post and you discussed a very important topic.

    First kudos to you for the title as it got me hooked. You are so right that bloggers need to work hard to stay relevant in their niche. It takes a lot of hard work to blog but if one is ready to get his hands dirty and be patient, then is no stopping him from being an expert.

    I love the way you took us from the stage that every blogger face and how to overcome the situation. Thanks for sharing Rachel. Have a swell week.
    ikechi recently posted…Stop Doing This To Your DreamsMy Profile

    • Hey Ikechi,

      Welcome back to my blog.

      I don’t see blogging as a short term thing, so whatever a new blogger has to face, I will take it on, maybe think about it for a while, so that I can get over the fear factor and then I will soldier march towards whatever is scaring me.

      I want my hands as dirty as they can possibly be from this hard work and I know it won’t hurt me, look at how many of you are before me. And that is what I hold onto. Those of you who inspire and motivate me, keep me going. If I am facing something about blogging then I know you have faced it. It may not have been as tough or could have been tougher but because of all of you, I see that I can work it out sooner or later.

      Thanks for the commenting. Talk soon.


  9. Hey Rachel,

    I honestly feel like it’s both a challenge and pressure. It’s challenging because you’re trying to overcome that. But it’s also added pressure since you have to figure a way to stand out from them. And if you can’t you’ll end up a statistic like many.

    I like your tips for dealing with this, they are very valid. Blogging can be tough and quite an adjustment but as you said if you are persistent it will get easier.

    I especially like commenting because when you engage with other bloggers, not only is it all that you describe, but it reminds you that you’re not alone. That there are other other there in the same boat.

    I enjoyed your post Rachel. Have a good evening.

    Lea Bullen recently posted…Why Hope Is All You Need to Be the GreatestMy Profile

    • Hey Lea,

      Thanks for the comment, it is always good to see you. I agree with you about engaging with others bloggers, when I hit a wall, I know those I am talking with have been through it. I sit with it for a bit and then set a date to wrestle with whatever I am struggling with. It is because there are thousands before us that I know we can do it. Like; I don’t hope, I know.

      Do you find the pressure a challenge in itself? There are days where that pressure gets me going and I can walk right on through it, but other days it is tough. I had seen a few new bloggers feel a little down by the process that is why I wrote this post and broke it down. And this allows me to really see how I deal with it all as well. Lea we have already put too many hours in to stop. We must walk forward. If I feel a bit off, I just start reading and commenting and before long that fire starts up again and I am ready to fight.

      Thanks for your feedback. Talk soon.

  10. Hi Rachel
    You have raised an important and sensitive topic. Patience and hard work are really important to understand any business. Most of the people have a bad impression about blogging. They link blogging with quick money. They forget one basic thing: Everything takes some time to evolve. As Rome was not built in a single day, our dream blog takes time to achieve the digital success.
    I have also Chioma Anozie’s article. J K Rowling story is really inspiring. She didn’t lose faith in herself. In any business, hope plays a major role. In blogging, we come across different phases. Sometimes, we become confident in our approach. Sometimes, we find ourselves lost in the sea of various authoritative blogs
    As a result, many people leave the idea of blogging after 1 year. They are not able to sustain the harsh realities. They start feeling jealous about the competitor’s growth. But they forget one important thing: All those authoritative bloggers were beginners at some point.
    Thanks Rachel for coming up with a superb article. Your effort deserves many shares.
    Yatin Khulbe recently posted…Lessons from the Little Albert Experiment: Are you aware of this Fear Trap?My Profile

    • Hey Yatin,

      Welcome back and thanks for spending time leaving wonderful comments.

      I agree with you when people come to the blogging arena with preconceived ideas that are just not realistic. That is unfortunate because when they leave we miss out. When someone has a passion for writing and it is only because they have not got the traffic to their blog and haven’t marketed themselves correctly, that there is one writer we don’t ever get to experience.

      You sound like you have got your patience and persistence all in order. I take it one day at a time and never really want to miss it, because I truly enjoy it. But have you noticed how fast time flys when you are concentrated and focused? Sometimes I wish I had the power to stop time, so I could set Rome up without delay.

      J.K Rowling’s story from rags to riches and against the odds, is really an inspiration. Seven years and her belief system held strong. Sometimes we just know when we have found the right path. And I am sure her writing style improved each day she took to writing.

      I can’t feel jealous over another persons blog traffic or expertise, but I can certainly become very curious. I want my fellow bloggers to make it, I want them to shine, I am all for it. But if they are getting more traffic, I just want to know how they went about it.

      I have been blogging for nearly three months and I see myself in this until I am an old woman, in my rocking chair with grey hair, rocking back and forward – probably writing about dementia at that stage. Cheers for the uplifting comments. Talks soon.


    • Hey Phil,

      Welcome and you put a big smile on my face calling my writing engaging and fun style. Thank you.

      I too only have a couple of months up my sleeve. I don’t know about you buy my learning list is miles long. But I do one action and then prepare for the next.

      In Harleena’s comment (down below) she explains that it takes approximately 1000 days to see all the benefits of our hard work come alive. So lets make that 1000 together. I am not sure if you know about AHA-now, if you don’t I suggest you check it out, I have learnt so much from the people at this community. The community is so helpful and engaging. I may not be able to market me properly yet but I can certainly talk about AHA with enthusiasm.

      I will certainly come over to your blog in a few days and check out what a fellow newbie blogger is up to. Talk soon.


      • Hey Rachel.

        Thanks for your reply. I had never heard of AHA-now, but just spent some time on the site and there is certainly a lot of interesting reads. Thanks for the tip.

  11. Hello Rachel,
    This is perhaps the first post I am reading in your blog and I must admit that you are doing a great job here.
    Celebrating one’s success, no matter how small it is, is extremely important to let the fire ignited.
    One important which you have mentioned in this post is that we really need to spend a good amaount of time in marketing the posts..I guess this is where a number of good bloggers make mistake.
    Thank you

    • Hey Tuhin,

      Welcome and thanks for the great feedback.

      Thanks for reminding about the marketing, next week I am going to be taking some time out to work on a step by step plan. I am doing more marketing now, but after reading the round up of 39 experts and what they do, I know I could be doing more.

      The one thing I can honestly acknowledge is the experts are showing us the way, all we have to do is find our own style in what they do. I get so excited and yet so dam scared when I have to face a new way in blogging, but I would not have it any other way. Marketing in this arena is certainly a new perspective but I am determined to get my head around it. I know you will to.

      I agree with you whole heartedly about keeping that fire lit with small achievements. But do you sometimes look at where you are now, to when you started and are you a little surprised at how far you have come? Because I still a little dizzy every now and again that I am in it now. Talk soon.


  12. Hi Rachel Ma’am Thanks for this excellent article!

    I’ve been blogging for a little over 6 month now and I am not a big fame but have to fun at some of the mistakes I made in the beginning – but of course we all do that. I joined an Aha-now community and learn a lot things from blogger like Harleena Ma/am, Rohan Choubey and many more. My greatest dares have been behind the parts – learning the technical side of blogging and how to handle the inevitable issues that come up that nobody ever thinks to tell you about in the beginning. Still, I LOVE it and can say without hesitation that even if I weren’t blogging for business I’d still be blogging about something.

    Thanks for the advice and inspiration!

    • Hey Saurabh,

      Welcome and thanks for the wonderful feedback.

      I really like your attitude towards writing a blog. I agree with you Saurabh, at the beginning, you should have seen the state of my blog if it was not for Harleena I would have been a mess. And Rohan has educated me in many many ways. There are many others at AHA that have assisted. It is my favourite community.

      I am like you, my greatest dares were behind the scenes, the technical part (still I laugh at myself with how wobbly I was – in fact I was a nervous wreck).

      At present I am only blogging with no intention of the business side of things for a least another three to four months, but I tell you I want it all. We shall stay the distance together. Keep up that spirit because that is what will get us through. Talk soon.


  13. Rachel – It is the first time for me to visit your website and I am impressed with your this article.

    A topic which is close to my heart and an “achilles heal” for the new bloggers. It is a must raed for those who enter the world of blogging thinking that a few articles and a blog will make them shine within a matter of months.

    It rarely happens and the frustration and disappointment kicks in. You are very right in saying that the numbers are against us. It needs a marathon-style-endurance to win the game of blogging.

    Sharing this article with my small community and will also keep visiting. Cheers.
    Ahmad Imran recently posted…Galaxy S6 Camera Quality – A Common User’s VerdictMy Profile

    • Hey Ahmad,

      Welcome and thanks for taking the time to comment.

      I never thought blogging was something that would happen over night. That I was prepared for, but what really had me shaking my head in horror was the technical side of blogging. Even after ten weeks, and the amount of hurdles I have jumped to get over them, I still a little shaky when I have to deal with the blog. The writing while it can be a struggle, it is what I truly enjoy. But so do you, I felt it in your writing. The main reason I wrote this post was not because I thought I was an expert at blogging (I am never going to want to claim a technical expertise), but I saw a few fellow bloggers feeling a little down by the lack of attention their blog was receiving.

      I really cheated because I got to put my own thinking in order. I was in the for the long hall, no matter what happened, but that post put it in sync for me.

      But like you say it is a marathon, and before the race starts we have to prepare, warm up, stretch our muscles and then continue on with a steady pace and that is all I ask of myself. So pleased you visited. Talk soon.


  14. Hello Rachel,

    It’s my first time here and I coudn’t have asked to fall on a better post than this. I’m a fairly new blogger. Started in 2014. I can relate to many points you made mention in this post.

    It has been a steady growth for me. As you mentioned I do count my small wins. I am elated when I receive an email of thanks or a facebook message stating that I’ve made a difference. In saying so I would love for my blog and posts to reach out to a lot more. Which is why I am learning from the top bloggers like Harleena who are always offering amazing tips in their posts.

    Thank you for the links you provided in your post. Some of which I have read but worth going through again. Overall I love your writing style. You kept me engaged the whole time. Such an interesting and informative read it was undoubtedly. I’m off to do a little marketing of your post in my social media circle:) Will come back for more. Have a lovely weekend
    Hema Unnoop recently posted…Top 6 Side Effects Of Constant ComplainingMy Profile

    • Hey Hema,

      Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog.

      I am pleased that you have a steady growth, that is what we aim for. So congratulations. And if you have been blogging since 2014 you have beaten some of the odds already.

      I am like you I get all excited by the small wins and comments here, there and everywhere from social media. It makes my day, I bet it does yours too. I feel humbled by the amount of attention and warm welcomes I get. Blogging for me has been an amazing community, filled with many posts that are treasures, packed with wonderful tips. I too read Harleena’s work greedily.

      Marketing is new in this arena, so I am slowly working out my own style, over the next week I am going to focus in on marketing and find a step by step process, to see if I can benefit a bit more.

      Thank you for your warm comments and I am trilled you visited. Talk soon.


  15. Hi Rachel,
    first time for me at your site.

    I remember when I started blogging more than 5 years ago,
    I was completely lost and it took me several months to just begin understanding “something” about SEO, WordPress and writing.

    As Harleena said, I too believe it takes 1000 days to start seeing results online.
    It took me, in fact, around 3 years to build an income with internet.

    The good part is that, after the hard times at beginning, everything become “easier” with time.
    Your expertise, your connections, all the hard work done with your site, everything is repaid later.
    At least, this was my experience.

    Now it’s awesome working online, I really enjoy the freedom, and the economic compensation!

    Thanks for mentioning my post, I hope it’s going to help some other bloggers too!
    Erik recently posted…How to Create Powerful Online Magazines using IssueMag PROMy Profile

    • Hey Erik,

      Welcome and thanks for your personal journey. You are correct, everything seems so far out of reach at the moment. I have lists of things to do a mile long, generally I don’t feel daunted, however when doubt visits for a day or two, it is tough but I have got a regular routine now and tend to stick with that. I really have not thought too hard about the money side of things. I intend to hunt sponsors out for my site. I have a product that I will start to work in the near future, that will take a little extra work, but once again, it is all in the plan.

      Never took this on thinking it was going to be smooth sailing. Thanks for saying the being is hard times and it becomes easier with time. I can actually see how that works, but I am right in the thick of the hard times. And I believe everything will come back later, I have no doubt in that at all. I just want to keep improving my writing. So happy to be here, I am going to be writing a comment that you wrote me today to someone like me in five years. Thanks for the comments

      Talk soon.


  16. Hey Rachel,

    You raise some good points.

    Everything you said is correct. It does take time to master the black belt Get a degree in university. Etc. So why is it that many people starting out think that they failed at blogging because they don’t achieve what they set out to achieve in the first year?

    Because that’s what they’re led to believe Too much false information out there. Blogging is a process. And you do have to spend 80/20 on things. I’ve been blogging officially 2 years this month … and I just in the last year I learned so much. And I’ve heard many people who are successful say they didn’t start to really get successful and master their craft until year 3 – 5.

    So, being that I want to be successful too, I’m willing to put in the work … because I know it’s a process. Like anything else. In the meantime, I’ll just keep learning,

    Great stuff here.

    – Andrew
    Andrew M. Warner recently posted…[Case Study] Email List Building Strategies That Increased Subscribers 43%My Profile

    • Hey Andrew,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting.

      Congratulations on your two presence in the blogging arena. Not for the faint hearted I have discovered. I have been blogging for just under three months now and I need the time to understand the processors. I am still have a list a mile long, of things I must do. I always seem to have more to do and still want to remain stress free. The time passes and I wonder where it went. I get so focused in what I am doing. That in itself is a learning lesson.

      I agree with you Andrew, people get the idea that blogging is simple and a sure fire way of running up the steps of success rather than slugging it out. But I knew that we have to do our time in any area we work in. The reason I wrote this post, was not because I feel I am expert on blogging, but I am expert on me. I had seen a few new bloggers feel a little down from the process and that is what motivated me to write this post. And I am glad I wrote it because it got my mind in order as well.

      I really enjoy your attitude when you say, ‘I want to be successful too, I’m willing to put in the work’. I’m with you, I am prepared for the hard yards because I refuse to be beaten by it and I can see clearly how it works. Clarity has taken over. I don’t have all the skills I require, but I will learn them. Thanks for your comments and getting me all fired up again. Talk soon.


    • Hey Mathias,

      Welcome and thanks for commenting. You look like a new comer and I am delighted.

      I hope someone takes a few tips away that would benefit them. That would be a sensational outcome.

      Thanks for the feedback on the website, it is slowly but surely something that I have become fond of. I will be visiting your site in a couple of days, I always need to have a nosey at what my commenters are up to. Talk soon.


  17. Hi Rachel,

    As I read through this wonderful piece, was nodding my head…yes yes yes! Blogging does require patience and persistence. But when I think of it…what doesn’t?

    Some are lured to the false idea that all you have to do is slap up a blog, write a post and money will flow in. Those poor misguided people!

    One must have a love for their niche and be persistent in writing how many times per week they choose. I do one a week and it sustains me nicely. The very best part of blogging is getting to know other people. It is so exciting as we start a relationship with one of our visitors and make a connection with them.

    We visit each other every week, learn from one another and even can make true friendships with people from across the planet. It doesn’t get better than that for me!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Why Bloggers Fail In Blogging | How To Avoid FailureMy Profile

    • Hey Donna,

      Wow, one of the experts in the industry has come to visit my blog. Welcome.

      I am 11 posts into blogging now, which means 11 weeks experience and I still wonder if I would have jumped in had I know what I was in for. But I don’t look for the answer I just smile with delight. As you said there is not much in life that does not require time and persistence.

      I agree when you say the very best part of blogging is getting to know people, but it is a rather new way of communicating for me. Previously I had never been comfortable with this kind of relationship building or communicating. Well that is what I thought anyway. I enjoy body language and tone of voices, it gives me better queues. However in saying that, I have been surprised by how everyday I get jump into this cyber world with energy and enthusiasm. The people I interact with truly lift me, guide me, educate me, stimulate me, make me cheeky and laugh. I get it all, but I doubted I would when I first started.

      I am glad when I started because I know I am dedicated to the cause, however every now and again I do ask myself why, oh why did you not start earlier. And the answer is clear – I would not have had the mindset I do now. Thanks for your comments. Talk soon.


  18. Hello Rachel,
    Most bloggers are being help captive by their own selves. The moment you start having limiting mindset to what you can and cannot achieve, you’ve already started shooting yourself on the foot because yes, you won’t be able to achieve anything again.

    Its all in the way we think as see things. Anyone who still believes that blogging is easy and that its a quick push button to riches is out for a very big surprise because he’ll sooner or later be disappointed.

    I’ve forgotten the name of the man that once said that success is never an act but a habit. Blogging is not easy but it can get better with time which is why persistence is essential as you mentioned.

    Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.
    A very awesome post Racheal, thanks for sharing.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted…Crowd Funding Checklist – Top 8 Things to do before Starting a Crowd Funding CampaignMy Profile

    • Hey Theordore,

      I believe this is your first time to my blog so welcome.

      I agree that some have a limiting mindset, however with a little bit of education that can be turned around. And sometimes when we are about to quit, the right person or post comes along and shows us a different method and that can be a real life changing moment.

      I actually wrote this post because I saw that a few of my new fellow bloggers appeared to be struggling and I really wanted to say, stick it out, be patient and here are some ideas. I am not an expert on blogging by any means but I am an expert in my own feelings and thoughts.

      I so agree with what that man once said, “success is never an act but a habit” so we really have to find habits and routine we enjoy. And I truly love the writing process, even though it gives me a hard time on some days filled with doubt, but it is that habit that gets me through. Thanks for leaving a comment, I will check out your blog soon as I always enjoy seeing what other commenters are up to. Talk soon.


  19. Hey Rachel,

    You have share great thought with your post and it will definitely helps to newbie bloggers. I have purchase one domain for bloging in 2013 and due to lake of experience in blogging i left after one year. After that i realise wha i lost and i came back again with other domain.

    I agree with your statement that throught blogging you will not become an overnight success. If you want to become successful blogger you need to take time. So many guys left blogging because of lack of experience.

    Thanks for sharing great insight over here

    Anant Patel recently posted…5 Gadgets For The Enormously Lazy PeopleMy Profile

    • Hey Anant,

      Thanks for visiting my blog, so welcome.

      Can you remember when you started the first time you blogged how mind blowing it was. Filled with so much to do, overwhelming your every sense. That is what I wrote this post about. That there is not one blogger out there that has not been through the initial stages of blogging. And if the experts out there are still encouraging us and we are doing what they are doing, then we can feel comfort that we can live through it.

      Thanks for your honesty. About trying blogging and then stopping to come back to it. There is something wonderful about the connections, the communities, about one comment on your post. An amazing feeling happens when you finally work out something you were struggling with.

      I am glad you came back to blogging Anant. We just got to breath, make lists and slowly work on each task one at a time. I write this to you, but I really need to enforce this statement with me as well. I rush and don’t feel anywhere near as satisfied with the amount of work I do, in comparison with when I take my time and enjoy it. Yet both I get the same amount done. So that is one of my lessons this week. Thanks for your comments, you got me motivated again. Talk soon


      P.S. I will visit your site in a couple of days, I always enjoy seeing what my commenters are up to.

  20. Hi Rachel,

    This is my first visit on your blog and also a first comment. You have provided all the necessary details that is needed and also useful for the new bloggers. As I am also a new blogger I know very well and it takes a time to be best in any field. Thanks for this guidance.

    Best regards
    Jay recently posted…Easy ways on how to speed up WordPress siteMy Profile

    • Hey Jay,

      Welcome and thanks for the visit.

      Sounds like you are well read on the pit falls of being a New Blogger. I was so glad that I landed at AHA when I first started blogging because it was there that I gained knowledge from so many different people on some of the things New bloggers expect but the reality being a very different practise. But Jay if you are blogging and intend to stay here, then what is the hurry, we get to improve our craft at the right pace. Thanks for your comments. Talk soon.


  21. Hey Rachel I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed reading this. Honestly I use to have days when I wanted to give up on blogging. I would look at other blogs and see how much better they are doing than me and it was a bit discouraging. But I have learned that my journey is mine and I have to put in the work to get to where I know I deserve to be. We may be new bloggers but we are a force to be reckoned with.

    • Hey Deshawn,

      I don’t think there has been a day since blogging that I have thought about giving up. I certainly have had my off days but never contemplated giving it up. I am so glad you went against your thoughts and stuck with it. It certainly has paid off.

      I see it like a right of passage. You have to do your time and put the right effort into the right people and places and it will turn out.

      I have never compared me to others. I have always found that a waste of time and find we can’t learn that way. I always attempt to remain dam curious. I want to learn from others. Thanks for you comments. If you do ever have those thoughts of quitting give me a holler and I will show you all the reasons why people need you keep that voice operating and sharing.


  22. Hi Rachel,

    What a wonderful post! You said it rightly, to succeed as a blogger, a newbie has got to have tons of perseverance. One common thing that will make one want to quit initially is lack of traffic, but this challenge can be overcome with your aforementioned hints.

    Thanks for the exposition and I’m happy to share it 🙂

    • Hey Obinna,

      It’s your first time to my blog, so welcome.

      Traffic is required. But we must be patient. We want organic traffic. I always say if you’re committed what’s the hurry. Do it properly, do it in your own style. Know the rules and then work them into your own style. Perseverance is an exercise in discipline. If we are working on our passion – be grateful that you found it. It took me 20 years to find mine and I still am grateful for finding it. Writing is my priority. The blog and making money are secondary. I have successfully written for a whole year. I have been celebrating that for the last couple of days. Thanks for your comments.


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