Modern Day Hunter

The Modern Day Hunter and Gatherer, a Unique Species.

We have come too far in the Women’s liberation movement for our modern day Hunter to throw his female over his shoulder and take charge.  Saying, “me man, you woman, come”.

That is of course unless modern day Gatherer approves of it first.

Confusion is faced as the Hunters role has slowly lost its authoritative dominance.

The Female now has many opportunities to become the Hunter.  Bringing in the income, taking care of her family’s livelihood and joint decision making.

Her intention is never to under mind her partner or offend his masculinity.  She’s only taking care of business.

The modern day hunter.

Times have changed and the Hunter now spends more time on his grooming.  Sweet smelling aftershaves drift through the air.  Females catching the fragrance as he struts on by.  Making her weak at the knees.

His sessions at the beauty salon often left with less body hair than his female counterparts.  It may appear as if gender roles have been swapped.  The Gatherer a ballsy and modern day go getter.

The Male spending nearly as much time in front of the mirror as the women.  Leaving the mucho flexing his muscles in the mirror.  Considering Botox and peck in-plants to complete his buff looking physic.

Adjusting a part of his hair to sit perfectly.  Reaching for his phone.  He puts on his million dollar smile.  Strikes a pose that says I’ve done this before and takes the shot.

Male reviews the photo.  Focusing on the mouth area.  Thinking it really was worth the money getting his teeth whitened.  This baby is going straight on Instagram or Facebook.  It seems those bathroom underwear selfies never get old.

Celebrity and models no longer the only ones being snapped up like stars.  Every footpath, road side and background an opportunity for a pic to be taken.  Youngsters going to great lengths maintaining their cloths, make-up and hair.  Who knows where their face might show up?  One must question has the selfie epidemic gone too far?

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We like to look good. 

Wanting to look good will never go out of fashion.  Era after era we have all chased beauty products that will rid us of wrinkles.  Motivated to keep our youth like complexion.  Masking tape used to lift areas where perky is always welcome.

However we can take pounds off within seconds these days.  Blemishes a thing of the past.  Smaller waists, fuller chests, thinner thighs, straighter and smaller noises.  Wider eyes are all at the touch of a button.  The only skills one requires is Photoshop.

The bed wrestle.

When we wear our favourite outfits we walk a little taller.  Ooze with confidence.  This gets the attention of our admirers.  Singles looking for a partner.  Couples keeping their physical attraction alive.

No longer is the mating call initiated with effort.  No smooth talking lines.  Dinner dates and cinema time left to the more mature.

The booty call.  Shows little imagination, no sweet words of desire, setting the mood.  No fluttering of the eyes.  There’s little hint of flirtation.

Modern Day HunterA text, putting it out there.  Asking for a good time or offering oneself physically.  Neither sex offended.  Ripping off their clothes and getting it on.

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Imagine the male Peacock thinking, I’m just going to jump her.  I have no time to fluff my feathers.

The female Peacock known as the Peafowl enjoys his dance and the shaking of his backside.  What beauty we would miss if these creatures did not do the dance of love before the act.

There’s a remarkable difference.

Could you imagine the Caveman meeting the Spandex bicycle rider?  What would one think of the other?

Modern day man proud of his well-worked muscles.  Able to cycle a mountain within seconds.  They ride in packs often stopping at coffee shops.  Strutting their stuff wearing their tight fitting attire.  His junk visible to all.  Everyone politely accepting this sports costume.

Riding a bike is everything to a cyclist. The friendship and camaraderie you have with other cyclists …to a cyclist, it was the be-all and end-all of your life. – Tommy Godwin

Hunter sizing up lycra lover, wondering where his body hair has gone.  None located on the legs or the chest.  Huntsman unsure of this new species.  Bike rider unable to stand natural body odours coming from the Caveman.

Modern Day Hunter

No longer does the man require skills with a spear or bow and arrow.  Gone are the days where the male bought dinner to the table in the form of a carcass.  Proud of his hunting stealth and physical expertise.

Our modern day Hunter drives the latest model car.  His bank balance, status, title and material wealth is what grows the confidence.

Woman no longer expected to remain tight lipped and hold on to her opinions.  Submissively awaiting their male ruler to take the lead.

She now can be seen with her hands on her hips while tapping her toes impatiently.  If it was possible one would see smoke bellowing out of her ears and nose.  It’s not standard practice to hide the attitude and bite the tongue anymore.

In these times we really have to feel for the boys with old school attitudes and beliefs.  Feeling out of place, left wondering where the good times went.

These men favouring a woman being chained to the kitchen sink.  She knew her place.  He felt competent making all decisions.  Woman nor child was able to question his authority.

Old timers reminiscing of the days where a light rub of the opposite sexes buttock was a practiced part of the job.  Sexist remarks flying through the air at the woman’s expense.

Men of that era thought this type of behaviour entertaining.  Woman found such humour boring and far from attractive.

At the show, but missing the event.

You miss that concert?  No worries we have amateur camera men and woman all over.

You’ll be able to catch that special event.  Someone will have made the sacrifice and watched the live show through their screen.  Annoying everyone else that surrounds them.

Arms stretched out in front, camera rolling, recording the action.  We only hope they have a steady hand.  Nothing worse than catching up on a missed show hearing the commentary in the back ground or a shaky screen.

In conclusion

We have come a long way from the Caveman days.  The Hunter used his physical might to catch and kill for the continued supply of food.

While the Gatherer tended to the vegetables and cooking.  Both roles maximising their strengths.  Keeping families and communities alive.

Now a days its shared power and decision making.  Leaving the ‘Old School thinkers’ reminiscing about the days where they had the upper hand.

Females holding their own.  No longer dependent on the opposite sex.  How we go about surviving has changed dramatically.

The male now lapping up his time at the salon.  Allow him the same indulgences that we enjoy.  Not only do we leave looking and feeling good.  There’s something in these services we find therapeutic.

The bootie call has been around for ages.  Physical encounters without any strings attached.  Little effort is required for this type of mating, yet both parties seem to agree to the terms.

The selfie nation has been embraced by all ages.  Loads of shots taken, never missing that special moment that we want to share.  Not all pics are to our liking, but we have learnt to move past them.

There will always be a battle of the sexes, it keeps life interesting.  The modern day Hunter and Gatherer, a unique species.

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  1. What a great observation!

    Yes we have evolved to this point. Hairless men with spandex humm….. not such a turn on for this old gal. Not to say that I love the cave man approach, but a little bit of “the chase” still turns me on. Maybe it’s just me, but I like when men are “gentlemen” i.e. considerate of a woman and not so full of themselves.

    I like it when my husband pulls my chair out, opens the door for me, and especially walks on the side of traffic when we are strolling down the sidewalk. Those little things that still shows some kind of honor.

    Don’t get me wrong, we are totally equal and show equal respect for each other. He is far fro macho, but if I seen him going around doing selfies. I would wonder…….

    That’s just my two cents!


    • Hey Donna,

      I have to go straight to the part I enjoyed most about your comment. How your hubby pulls out your chair and opens your door. But mostly strolling down the sidewalk and he walks on the side with the traffic. I had read about that happening but I had never come across it in real life. Beautiful! This takes nothing away from the man or woman. A man wanting to swoon his lady with these small gestures is a true gentlemen and shows honor. Certainly sets up the romance. Like a date. Always going the extra mile. That’s what keeps relationships going.

      LOL – you don’t want to see hubs in white jocks, spray tan, whitened teeth, flexing his muscles in front of the mirror. I’m with you, I too would wonder.

      The chase, anticipation, the romance of it all. Oh that just goes to my head like a glass of bubbly. I find a tough mucho guy, the one who is the gentleman. He knows how to behave and does not need societies approval to be anything other than himself. Now that’s attractive.

      Great comment, had me entertained right through.


  2. Hi Rachel

    Another new post. Don’t you ever sleep?

    Coming from an era closer to the rise of the caveman than the selfie revolution I thankfully skipped over the many stages and fragrances you describe. I can’t deny that they have happened. Good or bad? Well, society probably smells better today than in centuries gone by and that’s about it.

    But of course it is all the woman’s fault. Men have been trained over the centuries to believe that the woman is always right. So if she has her beauty treatment so must he.

    Our world has become fast-paced and chaotic. Who has got time for mating calls? We’ll leave that to the peabirds. Yet, there was something good about the old days. I want to go back to my cave.

    Great post.

    • Hey Caveman opps I mean Igert,

      I smiled right through reading your comment. How could I not. ‘Coming from an era close to the rise of the caveman’ very funny. Oh we all smell so much prettier. I don’t complain about that part. I enjoy sweet smells, its the selfies that get me. I’m not annoyed I’m just shocked at how comfortable people are with sending out so many. People are unconscious about the amount of shots they are taking and that’s what I like to examine.

      Look before you head back to your cave, make and appointment to the beauty salon, get your waxing and massage in and relax so that you can stoke the fire and pick your teeth from a beasts bone that you went out and killed. Woman’s orders!

      I agree about the pace Igert of the world. I’m torn between progress and the old time myself. Thanks for your comments.


  3. Hi, Rachel

    What a great detail account for the changes in male and female in our society!

    Nobody can denial that male is becoming more conscious about their external appearance and the female is becoming more independence. Some even becoming bread providers. However, some fundamental elements are still there. We, as women, are turned on by the caring and protective altitudes of our partners: open the doors, flowers in special occasions, walking on the side of traffic (as Donna’s example). I believe men are still will melted by the loving and tenderness of their female counterparts.

    No matter how we will be evolved externally, we are still fundamentally embedded in our own DNA.

    A very special post! Love it !

    Stella Chiu
    Stella Chiu recently posted…3 Keys to Have Good Life EffortlesslyMy Profile

    • Hey Stella,

      I agree Stella, it does not matter how much we change, woman will still want her man with his manly abilities and men enjoy the female qualities of woman. Phew – I say.

      Men wanting to enjoy who they are in fashion and nice smelling cologne works for me. Woman wanting to be the bread winners will always be the center of some men’s inferior complexes. We get it. Even though when a woman loves her man, its definitely not about who earns the most dollars. And if it issw well that is an entirely different issue.

      Making little miracles still requires eggs and swimmers. Even though technology has developed so many ways of making this happen.

      Us humans are funny creatures – and how we change has always been a fascination to me. Thanks for your comments.


  4. Hi Rachel

    As usual, your deep observation is so awesome. Yeah Men and Women have so much evolved. Roles are interchanging and as you revealed being shared.

    Guys are conscious of their appearance and ladies are conscious of their independence. Most ladies can take care of themselves and I have ladies say to me that they don’t need a man.

    It is not surprising that such changes a re taking place as cultures and norms will always be challenged. There will always be a why moment.

    However, some things will not change so easily. These things are in our DNA.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post. Take care.

    • Hey Ikechi

      I too have heard ladies say they don’t need a man. Its an empowering choice to know that you want someone in your life. Rather than needing them. Years ago as you know woman were dependent on men financially. Men could enforce decisions on another adult. That has always baffled me.

      I find it interesting today at what men only twenty or thirty years ago would frown upon are now creature comforts for the metro man. Us humans are amusing characters.

      Regardless of changes it all boils down to respecting and representing ourselves in a way that respects, encourages and empowers others.


  5. What a fun look at how roles seem to have changed. I wonder, do you see there still being some girls ‘with old school attitudes and beliefs’? And should they deserve our sympathy? Great post Rachel, really enjoyed this.

    • Hey Laura,

      It was a good piece to write about. Woman and old school. I put it into a traditional role more so than anything. Ask anyone about wanting our sympathy and most won’t appreciate it at all. But I feel relief at coming into the world after many woman before me went and marched and yelled for our rights. I often find myself wondering how much fight I would have had in me.

      What differed back in the day when it was men at the helm was how the man treated his wife. Some woman were boss even when the law forbid it. A wise man knew a women’s worth. Yet a weak man would use power over. Hope I have answered your question. Thanks for your comments.


    • Hey Rishabh,

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with caring about external appearances. For me it is just as important as my internal awareness.

      This post is more like showing where we were before in comparison to where we are now.

      Thanks for your comments.

  6. Ask anyone approximately wanting our sympathy and maximum gained’t respect it in any respect. however I feel relief at entering the world after many girl before me went and marched and yelled for our rights. I frequently find myself questioning how much combat i would have had in me.
    mikky june recently posted…How To Do NamazMy Profile

    • Hey Mikky,

      I’m like you, it passes my mind how much combat I would have had in me like those amazing woman before me. That is why I continue on with their remarkable work. It never stops, but nor would we want it to.

      Thanks for leaving this comment. Glad to speak with someone who thinks in the same terms.


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