Interview with Ikechi Awazie from Be A Light To The World.

Ikechi Awazie from Be A Light To The World

Ikechi from Be A Light To The World.

When I think of Ikechi – I see a generous man who constantly encourages each and every one of us to acknowledge and grab hold of our own special talent.  Qualities that only you possess. 

I always picture Ikechi standing on a stage saying – ‘Hey you over there, why aren’t you sharing your gift?’  When you don’t share your flare others miss out. 

See, You Got Talent:  Harness to Make a Difference.  In this post you will see Ikechi participating in a public speaking gig delivering the message to drop the self-doubt and embrace your special qualities.

When you visit Ikechi’s blog you will be left with no doubt that he specialises in showing us ways to manage life’s difficulties.  And he demonstrates post after post that you don’t need to negotiate your life with mediocracy because you were born to Be a Light To The World.

 When you are not being yourself and utilising your unique talents you are depriving maybe one person, maybe a community or maybe even the world of something that they may need right at this minute. 

So let me present you with an interview with Ikechi, for some positive mental medicine and a healthy dose of encouragement and drive. 

Ikechi, there are so many niches to choose from over the internet – how and why did you start a blog about inspiration and motivation?

It started early in my life as a Teenager.  I grew up in an environment where there was so much temptation to be among the crowd.  People would make fun of you if they saw you were different.  They would despise you if your perception didn’t follow the standards.  There was no room for creativity and uniqueness.  The school system wanted everyone to think alike and have the same dream.  Parents had a roadmap for their kids and never wanted them to leave their safe zone and dare to be different.

I never liked the status quo; I found it boring and wanted to do things in my life differently. Click To Tweet

I never liked the status quo; I found it boring and wanted to do things in my life differently.  This I did do with so much criticism from every angle but I am glad I took the decision.  However, I didn’t know that this would be my journey into blogging about inspiration till I found out about blogging.

I had noticed the term blogging being mentioned online and this sparked my interest.  I always wanted to share my ideas to the world.  I wanted people to understand that playing small was not cool and you did not need to be a celebrity or popular to make a difference.  Since blogging could enable me achieve this goal, I learned everything about blogging but did not start till a year and thus was born Be a Light to the World which provides creative inspiration and motivation so that anyone can make a difference.

I really need you to take in the enormity of what Ikechi has just said.  He went against the grain.  He refused everything that he had been taught, disagreed with the way of life his loved ones and friends were living.  Standing his ground because his internal belief system recognised there is something bigger than just following the rules that others had set for him.  Please read:- Here is a Checklist Before You Consider Yourself Insignificant.

We can feel slightly ruffled when we have disappointed one person who is close to us.  Could you imagine being constantly socially tormented, ridiculed and even bullied because thinking like everyone else was NOT an option?  That is strength, character and a mighty sword to bear. 

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How were you able to cope under such conditions?  Your parent’s determination to guide you in one direction, your friends following the path decided for them and yet you could not see that as a standard you could accept.  How were you able to sustain the criticism from everyone?  Where did your strength and self-belief come from?  And what did you do on the days where you thought it was all too much?

Being different isn’t as easy as people would believe. I had somehow developed this dogged attitude to life that made me stick to my beliefs no matter the situation or criticism.

I had somehow developed this dogged attitude to life that made me stick to my beliefs no matter the situation or criticism. Click To Tweet

I loved reading a lot, so I read a lot of biographies of people who made a difference and didn’t care about Society standards.  These legends didn’t care about criticism but stayed on course.  This boosted my inner drive to be different.  So even though it was painful to be mocked by your peers, I was inspired to follow my dreams.

My parents eventually learned to understand me and I learned to sift out the noise of criticism and voices.

What advice do you give people who have the odds stacked against them?  What tools do you use to bounce you into action?  And what do you personally and professionally do when you feel flat?

While there is no one fit strategy, here are the things that I do believe have helped me to overcome any obstacle and will help others too.

  1. Mindset: Thoughts are so powerful and our perception about life does shape our actions and emotions.  Thoughts can make or break you which is why the way you react to situation matters.  The way you think about yourself does make a difference.  I keep an eye on my thought level always.
  1. Clarity: I do believe that you need to be clear about what you want to be in life.  This is not easy and requires that you do much self-awareness.  However, the more your purpose is defined, the more it becomes easier to face so many challenges.
  1. Attitude: You can’t take away this factor.  Attitude will always determine your altitude in life.  You will always scale through any problem if your attitude is positive.  I have been known to stick to my guns despite an unfavorable situation.  I embrace mistakes and I love to learn from them.

I also read a lot on different interests and this has helped me to get so much dose of inspiration.  I am reading books, blogs, listening to podcasts and watching videos.  Talking about Clarity, I have developed a strong “Why” for my life and this has aided me when I felt demotivated.  It is always there to swing me back to action.  Even when I feel like I am empty, I always look at my strong “Why” and I am flowing with inspiration.

What a brilliant answer Ikechi has delivered.  It is packed with depth, power and wisdom.  If you read 5 Time Tested Principles You Should Use to Guide Your Life you begin to understand that a positive state of mind is so important when we are attempting to change or create something magnificent. 

Ikechi your belief in who you are has been strong since your teenage years, yet you did not really know what path to take until later in your adult life.  What kept you continually searching for an outlet to present your ideas?

It is strange but I believe that this behaviour was inborn.  I do remember during my childhood that I loved to share my ideas.  I was introduced to reading and I grew up to love finding out about things or you might say being curious.  Each time I found something exciting or new, I would say to myself “Wow! just imagine if people knew about this” which is why I just got hooked on finding a way to share my ideas to the world.

From a very young age Ikechi felt something strong within him.  For many years ideas and dreams were just that.  It was only when he turned these visions into actions that he is able to assert his authority in his chosen area, by sharing his knowledge.  And this certainly generates excitement. 

Ikechi is walking his path.  In my post Keep the Faith, Find Your Fire and Set the World Alight I talk about finding what drives you and embracing what you’re passionate about.  Using those gifts to strive to for a better world, for a better you. 

Were there other avenues that you tried before blogging?  When you began blogging how did you know you really had found what it was you were looking for?

Before I discovered blogging, I had joined some article directories like HubPages, Ezinearticles, Sooperarticles, etc, where I wrote about different topics that appealed to me. However, there was something about these platforms that wasn’t flowing with me and I soon I found out what it was when I stumbled blogging.

I found out that I could build a community of like minds.  I could share my ideas and if people loved them, they would respond to me.  I could stick to a niche and make a difference with my blog, one post at a time.  This was what I was looking for and found in blogging.

So Ikechi do you have any up and coming projects that you can let us in on?

I am working on an ebook which would be out by next year. It is going to enable everyone to follow their dreams and stops people from turning their dreams to a Joke.  I want you to know that Be a Light to the World is a community for change and it’s about making a difference.  Everyone can make a difference; the only thing standing in your way is when you think that you have to be a star, actor, and celebrity to do so.  You can make a difference and if you don’t know how or you feel that you are not significant then check out my blog.

Ikechi has shared how he broke through major hurdles to get where he is today.  It was not easy, he had it tough going against the expectations of everyone he knew and loved. 

And yet here he is attempting to steer us all in the direction of delivering our best regardless of whether the odds are against us or whether you come from humble beginnings.  His message is you can conquer all once you have conquered your mind. 

Don’t let anyone stand in your way.  It’s time people to take yourself on the path that embraces everything you have to offer life and what life has to offer you.  Not because I believe so or because Ikechi says so – but because each and every post at Ikechi’s blog illustrates that life is about giving and in doing so you will receive in ways you could never have imagined.   

I would like to thank Ikechi for sharing his time with me.  It was very exciting learning how Ikechi refused to be quashed by the thoughts of others and how his hardship turned a determined boy into a wise man.  And the last advisable post to read is 14 Things You Learn From People Who Drive You Crazy.

If you enjoyed reading this interview don’t forget to share this post so that Ikechi’s message can continue.


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  1. Hi Rachel

    I want to say a big thanks for featuring me on your blog which I always don’t miss because you do dig a little deeper in terms of self development.

    This is the first interview where you unveiled my story a little deeper. I do want people to know that we are only playing small when we don’t make a difference. Each and everyone of us has a part to play in our world.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity. Have a fabulous weekend.

    • Hey Ikechi,

      No playing it small – that’s the rule. I agree with it. And your posts constantly reinforce that. That is why it was an easy interview because it is a subject that I am passionate about. After finally finding my path and could not be happier – I see it now like you say it.

      I am glad you got to tell your amazing story Ikechi – it is a story with so many lessons, hardship and that dogged attitude. Oh by the way I am back reading biographies now after reading your journey. Thanks for taking the time out and showing us that no matter what – stay true to you. Thanks Ikechi.

      Talk soon.


  2. Hi Rachel ,
    I am happy I saw your post and I am glad to know about Ikechi.
    He is right what the world needs in this time I can very good understand what
    he is telling about. To think differently and not walk with the herd can be challenging.
    Grateful to see he was able to keep his light strong and is spreading is into the world 🙂
    Thank you, Rachel, for the interview .
    Ikechi, you do a great job, I wish you all the best, keep the light strong and shine 🙂

    • Hey Erika,

      Welcome back. He is courageous Erika, I agree. Being able to keep the light going for so long while everyone around him was against his ideas. But what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. But I liked when Ikechi talked about a dogged attitude. I get that. When someone pushes and you don’t want to be pushed, but have no power to push back you either get impacted by it or you get that dogged attitude.

      To think differently can be challenging, but for someone unknown reason I think we are slowly moving towards originality. We still have some way to go but new technology now, is really encouraging this. Thanks for your comments.

      Talk soon.


  3. Hey Rachel,

    I great and inspiring interview. It was interesting to learn that Ikechi had this desire to make a difference from a young age. It makes me wonder what it is that make people like this especially when it did not seem to be down to nurture. Is it down to destiny and/or the position of the planets when a person is born?

    I’ll be watching out for his book next year.

    • Hey Sandy,

      It was a wonderful interview I agree. Ikechi was so easy to work in collaboration with. And his story is rather amazing too.

      Not sure how to answer your questions but it is one to ponder. I believe we have a blue print written. Our path, we can stray from it but generally we have a pulling towards what we desire. That is how I see it. Our inner voice can be silenced but chaos reins when we douse it with toxins and don’t follow our path. An unhappy restlessness prevails. I believe we all have missions in us from the time we are born.

      I too will be waiting for the book. Thanks for the visit.

      Talk soon.


    • Hey Ikechi,

      I think biographies get the mind matter stirred. I have the persistence and will – so might as well see what other writers can help me achieve.

      Talk soon.


  4. It is so great to see Ikechi interviewed here Rachel.

    I’ve been a reader of his blog for a long time now and always walk away inspired, or just feeling good. This is your gift Ikechi…you are a light to the world because you always share from your heart.

    It is interesting how you were as a kid. I can sure resonate with that. I was the one that didn’t go with the crowd and although bullied, didn’t care. I too lived in books and was eager to learn more about life than anything else.

    Thank you both for this wonderful interview.


    • Hey Donna,

      Good to see you. I meet Ikechi the in the first couple of weeks of blogging and have not missed a post since then. He always gets me madly typing on the keyboard, filled with fire and hope or as you say,’just feeling good’. And why would you not continue to go back, if they are what you get from reading his posts.

      That is why it was easy to interview Ikechi because he is interesting and wise. You don’t share such inspiration without such a strong yet touching story.

      Donna you say you were bullied and didn’t care. What an attitude to have, especially as a child. I think we can all be drawn to one another when our circumstances are similar. Thanks for your comments.


  5. I love interview posts! We find out so many amazing and interesting things about people. Inspiring and motivating others is important to me. I also look forward to being inspired by others especially when I wake up in the mornings to begin my day. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Natasha,

      Good to see you. I too am keen on interview posts as they give us a look at the individual. Ikechi has an inspirational and motivational blog and shares great advice on deliverying our best selves to the world. So it was easy to interview him.

      Glad this helped with the start of your day. Thanks for you comments.


    • Hey Brenda,

      Welcome. Didn’t I score well when I got an interview from Ikechi. He is an inspiration. I am always visiting his blog for a dose of fire or motivation and he delivers every week – I tell you. Thanks for your comments.


  6. Hi Rachel 🙂
    Really enjoyed this interview with Ikechi! So many “aha” moments I had while reading, thank you for featuring him on your blog! I can relate because I have also gone “against” the grain so much in my life and now I notice my daughter is the same way! Awesome inspiration here, thank you!!

    • Hey Joan,

      Welcome. Doesn’t Ikechi know how to inspire? I felt real honored that he shared such a story with us. It seems to have resonated with so many people. Joan if you went against the grain then you are strong and have many tools that you would be passing onto your daughter. With a mum like you she would be more than equipped to stand tall and you are there as her back bone.

      Ikechi, you, your daughter and myself included – anyone who uses there voice and not collective thinking are very useful to this world. It is tough but strong minds are tougher. Thanks for your comments.


  7. Hi Rachel,

    This was a great interview with Ikechi. I see a lot of folks commenting about his blog so I’m going to have to stop by his blogs to read his posts. He sounds like someone who is inspiring and I would love to connect with him.

    I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for his upcoming eBook.

    It was great to know about you Ikechi. Have a great night you two.

    Take care,

    • Hey Corina,

      Good to see you.

      I encourage you to go and get a dose of inspiration at Ikechi’s blog. His posts do make you come away from it thinking you can do anything. He has many regular, loyal visitors. I bet you get addicted the first time.

      Me too, I am going to keep an eye out for his book as well. Thanks for your comments.


  8. Hi Ikechi and Rachel,

    Awesome indeed 🙂

    Sorry for hopping in late – I had my Dad visiting us for a few days, and when he is around, everything else takes a back seat! I knew I had to read this one and get to know more about Ikechi, and let me tell you, he IS an inspiration for many, and your words just prove it further.

    I loved all that you mentioned, dear ‘Ahaian’s’ – and your words in between Rachel, are an icing on the cake – making the interview all the better.

    Thanks for sharing it with us – enjoy the rest of the week, both of you 🙂

    • Hey Harleena,

      Family first. It’s your Dad. I have read a couple of your posts, how close you are and he was the person who encouraged you to start blogging was he not?

      I think all my AHAian’s connections are my source of influence and inspiration. I think I have read every post since I first meet Ikechi through AHA. When I read his posts Harleena – my fingers dash across the key board with excitement or fire, and if I am struggling with a post his words seem to iron out any wrinkles. I see many people go to Ikechi’s blog and we good reason.

      Thanks for your wonderful comments and feedback.

      Talk soon.


    • Hey Christine,

      Wow, thank you for your wonderful comments. You have made my day.

      I am glad you read this post because Ikechi is very much an inspiration.

      Gee Christine – you have swelled my head.


  9. Hi, Rachel
    I am glad to see the interview of Ikechi in your blog. I’ ve been reader of his blog for a while. Now I know him more because of this interview.

    From his blog, we can feel his generous and inspiration spirit. He really is the “light” to shine for the world.

    As we grew up in Hong Kong, I sure relate to his childhood, the parents planned every thing for my life.Boring and stiff. Books were my saved heaven.

    Thank you for this interview.

    -Stella Chiu

    • Hey Stella,

      Always good seeing you. For some unknown reason I thought you were born in America. Now you have me intrigued. I would love to know a bit more about your Hong Kong upbringing. I might try and wrangle something later on down the track for people to share some of who they are. Big smile when I read your words, “boring and stiff”.

      I too am a regular visitor to Ikechi’s blog. I was hooked from the first post. He always seems to get me all fired up and ready for action, so I know why you are a regular to his blog. I don’t think I have missed a post since I have met him.

      His story was amazing and I felt very honored that he shared it with me. Thanks for your comments.


  10. Hi Rachel,

    Nice interview you’ve done here with Ikechi. I’ve engaged with him many times through various comments and sites but it’s nice to learn more about someone you’ve spoken to. And this really uncovers a deeper level.

    Good job!


    • Hey Lea,

      Good to see you. Ikechi’s blog always speaks of inspiration and motivation. So I wanted to know the person behind the blog was. Ikechi’s story is just like his blog – experiences of hope, dreams and action. Thanks for the comments Lea.

      Talk soon.


    • Hey Umapathy,

      Welcome to my blog. It’s your first time here.

      I too am a big fan of Ikechi’s – it’s hard not to be when he delivers such inspiring posts. Thanks for your comments.


    • Hey Austine,

      It’s your first time to my blog, so welcome.

      Ikechi certainly delivers when it comes to motivation and inspiration. That’s why I’m a regular visitor at this blog. Thanks for your comments.


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