Do You Have the Right Skills to Empower People?

Do You Have the Right Skills to Empower People?If time is precious then shouldn’t we be having conversations that encourage growth?  Sharing experiences that are inclined to motivate.  You possess the right skills to empower people.  May as well put them to good use.

There should be little room for gossip or circulating in negative banter.  This has no value.  In fact the truth will have most naysayers backing away slowly.  Speak louder, have authority in your voice, drown at any doubters.

While they’re removing themselves to a safe listening distance, hold firm.  As time goes on people recognise what you stand for.

Empowering mode.

This is working in the flow of an individual’s thoughts and ideas.  Stay on their topic of choice.  Ask questions and show interest.

Don’t be in a hurry to have your say.  Listen and enjoy others holding the floor.  When you’re in empowering mode you’re going with the mood, attitude and behaviour of another.

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. – Stephen R. Covey

When the times right, share your observations.  Emphasis their good qualities.  Underlining what they do and how you’re fond of these particular abilities.

Assess their feedback.  Their response is an indicator of whether you should continue.  You’re not seeking approval or agreeance.  You’re looking for permission to proceed.

Some people won’t want your help or guidance.  Yet most individuals love to hear what you see in them.  Especially if it’s a ‘feel good’ quality.  Empower people, highlight their best assets.  This will rev up the conversation and get them thinking.

Empower people, highlight their best assets.This will rev up the conversation and get them thinking. Click To Tweet

A new relationship.

Think about the last time you meet a new friend or began an intimate relationship.  Basking in the happiness of being together.  Every now and again you became aware of some habit that could send you around the bend.

There’s no point concentrating on that.  You remain focused on enjoying the person.  There will always be times for the serious talks.

Then you hit one of those days.  Your mood is described as a weather report.  The prediction is overcast with dark clouds forming.  Thunder storms are on their way.

On these days, those annoyances are pronounced, lingering in your mind.  They were there all along.  You saw them and let them go.

Now all your attention and focus is on the negative.  Creating a monster out of a person, where previously you were lapping up every moment with them.

When we empower others we work with the strengths of their character.  Getting the best out of people by enhancing their positive qualities.  We don’t have to address those traits that are annoying to us.

Allowing the person to be exactly who they are.  Not creating expectation.  Don’t make others have to live up to what you want from them.  They’ll never get it right.

How to get you point across.

You’re utilising a powerful tool when you empower people.  It’s not every day someone talks to another with the potential to enable change.

Instead of saying ‘YOU’, base your information around story telling.  Add an antidote to the conversation so that your message is clear.

  • Get your point across by saying, ‘when a situation like that happens to me I…’
  • The moral of the story is…

It’s not saying, ‘I am the teacher, you’re the student.  Listen up because you’re doing life wrong’.  It’s passing over information.  Allowing the other person to absorb what you’ve said.  Giving them a right to choose their own way.

There is approximately a twenty minute window where you get to motivate and inspire.  This small time frame is where you make people excited by who they are.

Allowing people to lap up what you’ve just shared.  This can go anywhere.

  • People may get a head swell. Feeling ten feet tall.
  • They may get introspective about it.
  • They may listen to the information and not react at all.
  • You may have ignited a fire that has the potential to change their world.
  • Individuals remember the conversation. Instead of doing something with it, they use it as a mantra without the action.

They will interpret the information and do with it as they please.  Don’t have expectations of what they should do with your feedback.

Empower People

Empower people, it’s a skill worth getting better at.   

We can be facilitators of change.  All you do is highlight qualities that you find special in a person.  This will get people enthused by what you’ve said.

We can be facilitators of change. All you do is highlight qualities that you find special in a person. @thedigger0 Click To Tweet

You could find that they’re motivated.  But will the momentum stay alive?  After a day or two that stirring conversation seems to be forgotten.  Were you thinking one talk would change their world?

If you inspired once, you can do it again.  This time when they get fired up, ask them if they will do anything about it?  Zero in on the subject and investigate it with them.

When you empower people you get to know them better.  Before long you will be able to work out if they are: –

  • action orientated?
  • chatters and dreamers rather than do-ers?

Once you’ve establish their level of ‘follow through’ you can work in this area.

There is no right or wrong.  You’re nothing more than the bearer of information, working on positive qualities.  Generally very satisfying to the listener.

You can start learning different personality types by what others say and do.  Or by what they say and don’t do. 

You’re like a mental brain spa.  People come to find relief and relax.  Feel good about themselves.

Be like a mental brain spa. People come to find relief and relax. Feel good about themselves. Click To Tweet

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There’s a time and place for this tool to be used.  You don’t focus in on someone at a party with others around.  As a quality unfolds an individual may feel vulnerable and talk about their doubts on the subject.

People love to feel good.  It’s not a tool that you abuse.  This energy generates light and puts positivity into the world.  It creates a safe place for others to shine.  To really lap up and embrace a quality that they may not have even noticed.  You allow others to blossom.

None of this is something you have to do.  It’s an option.  You’re not obligated to indulge others.  This is nothing more than a conversation with a difference.  Can you imagine all you have to do is be genuine?  Divulging what you appreciate in another.  You have the potential to impact their lives?

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. – Leo Buscaglia

To empower people – the benefits of this tool.

Don’t do it for the accolades.  An enabler of change is rewarded more so than recognised.  There will be constant feedback.  You witness a person excited by what you’ve shared.  They begin action or float on your observations like a dream.  Each time you do it you get better at putting light in a place that could have been just another conversation.

It’s easy making people feel wonderful about themselves.  In return it makes you feel good that you spent a small amount of time highlighting a quality that you admire.  You sharpen up your observation, communication, motivation skills when enabling others to shine.

Never can harm be done when you empower people with this method.  This is an important gift.  It’s Aladdin’s treasure.  A person going about their everyday business.  You pop in for a chat and they’re made to feel alive and special.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

In conclusion.

You empower people by sharing information on the qualities you admire in them.  It’s not the normal everyday conversation.  You’re putting everyone’s time to good use.  Whilst honing in your observation skills.

You get a kick out of seeing people come alive with excitement.  It’s not your duty to do this.  You’re not under any obligation.  However doing something selfless brings its own rewards.

Wait for the magic moment.  An opportunity arises and it’s clear it’s the right time to utilise your observations skills.  When you are the facilitator of change, a do good-er for self-improvement, the skys open up, the traffic stops, the bird’s chirps cease to be heard.  It’s time to empower people and share what you think makes them shine.

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    Another wonderful insights! I totally agree with you on all points. People need to be heard. Just by becoming a good listener and giving them sincere affirmations, people start to appreciate you. Also, they solve their problems on their own and get motivated to go on their paths if you are listening to them wholeheartedly while you are focusing on their truth.

    Thank you for the great reminder, Rachel!!

    • Hey Keiko,

      I agree Keiko by listening to others you do what most don’t. Everyone wants the stage. As I get older I appreciate this more and more. Giving others the floor and lapping up what they have to say. It can be rather relaxing.

      Great point. They solve their own problems. So true. And if they aren’t sure of a direction, asking them questions will certainly lead them to better ideas. Thanks for the comments.


    • Hey Keiko,

      Being good at listening and asking guiding questions can be a great way of people coming to their own solutions. They are more inclined to action their own ideas. The benefits of listening outweigh thinking that talking is the better part. Because both are rewarding when balanced.

      Having a reputation as a listener is one great compliment. Because its so rare. People do seek you out for that. Thanks for your comments.


  2. Hi Rachel,

    Wonderful post indeed 🙂

    You are right about all that you mentioned – people love being heard, and they love the praise, who doesn’t? So, there is absolutely no harm in praising people when they deserve it or for what could be their due.

    Being humans, many don’t tend to go out and do such things for others, ego and jealousy creeps in at times. But if you cannot do this much for others, then what’ the use of our existence, for it is in giving that we receive…and as I say so often, even if we don’t, at least we are doing our bit, which adds up to our Karma points.

    I do feel, each one of us has something magical within us, and if that is tapped by another person, it empowers us and the person, both. So, why stop in giving, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

    BTW – Do add your Twitter handle to the ‘Click to tweet’ tweets also, just a friendly suggestion 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Ultimate Guide and Review of Visme for Creating Infographics and PresentationsMy Profile

    • Hey Harleena,

      In a society that wants to be heard, to be listened to is rare. So when we do this we are already sharing great skills, then telling someone what you admire in them, is such a wonderful selfless quality. But what we get in return is amazing.

      I agree with you Harleena, there are people out there a little jealous who are tangoing with ego. If we can find time in our hearts to praise these people we can do a little to melt the ice. Not for long. Unfortunately there are two very blinded traits in a person jealousy and bitterness. So if we see them, and we get an opportunity to melt this ice we should attempt to. It won’t do much for long but it will relieve them for a small time.

      I don’t know about you, but I am forever grateful about someone else’s quirky bits or something that is so special it just stands out. I really enjoy humans in their glory. Their worst is sad but interesting.

      How exciting, I am like you, we all carry the magic, tapping into that with another is sharing a very special moment. Great comment, thanks for sharing a bit about you.


      P.S thanks for the heads up about the Twitter handle – jumped onto it straight away. Appreciate it so much.

  3. Hi Rachel,

    This post reminds me of the occasions when I meet people who have serious health problems. Being passionate about health I used to jump straight in and tell them how they could turn their problem around. However I soon learned that this approach did not work well. Like you say you have to be willing to listen and only when the time is right tell a story with a moral. I find that works much better. Not exactly sharing with them what makes them shine although I can sometimes bring that in but enabling them to make a change.

    Looking forward to another of your amazing posts.
    Sandy Halliday recently posted…Delicious Detox Recipes That Fill You UpMy Profile

    • Hey Sandy,

      I quickly read through the comments this morning and certainly know were you are coming from when you would jump right in to help. I learnt that this approach back fires more times than not. People just don’t appreciate it and it builds walls. I too know this from experience. But that is how we learn to communicate. By getting it wrong when we have the right intention. We are wanting to help, see the urgency. I don’t know how many times I did this before I recognised it was floored.

      Everything in its right time hey Sandy? If you enable them to change then they shine on the inside, creating energy which is shared on the outside. Thanks for your comments.


    • Hey Sarika,

      I agree empowering others has so many benefits for ourselves and others. It changes our conversations for a while and it revs people up. It creates wonderful energy. Thanks for your comments.


  4. Nice post Rachel I am glad I took the time to read. It’s late at night as I write this and I am sure it was meant for me to read this. I agree with you strongly. We must encourage each other especially here in the internet marketing world. I know for a fact that positive and inpirational words does wonders for me. I can tell by the way you talk that you are sincere and I love it. Yes I needed this great message tonight. Sincerely. David
    David Rhodes recently posted…Protected: In Appreciation of Liking My Facebook PageMy Profile

    • Hey David,

      It appears that this is your first time to my blog so welcome.

      What a compliment David – ‘I’m sure this was meant for me to read’. I get that. I stumble on a few posts like that myself.

      Oh the internet can be a tough audience but the rewards certainly override anything this web can attempt take. We develop a thicker skin that I would like to but it comes with the territory. So I agree when you say encourage others. It’s easy to do. Because its just asking ourselves what we like in another and then share it.

      Glad that this post could make an impact. I hope all is well at your end, if not email me for a chat if you like.


    • Hey Igert,

      Its your first time to my blog so welcome.

      You’re so right praise and you make a friend. Not every moment is an opportunity to do so but when we get a moment we certainly should take the time to share what we enjoy about a person. Sometimes this feedback can be something that lifts their day. Or something they needed without even knowing about it. This sort of kindness really gives us so much in return. Thanks for your comments.


  5. Hi Rachel,

    I really like the quote from Stephen R. Covey. The story telling could be very powerful if done correctly, it can create some magic and people love a good story. The sad part is that some people have the ability to describe a unique real story while other can’t, just by doing it we can learn, no one have knowledge without learning or trying.

    Thanks the post Rachel! Looking forward for more, have a good day.


    • Hey Nicolas,

      It appears to be the first time at my blog so welcome.

      We are all friends talking about what we like in one another. One does not have to be a brilliant story teller. Although it certainly helps, I agree. And practice does make perfect. Got to give it ago, I agree. Thanks for your comments.


  6. Hi Rachel,

    Empowering people is the ultimate sign of security, self-awareness and a profitable business.

    I love the quote by Steven Covey… people don’t want to be responded to and they don’t always want us to do it for them.

    The one thing I teach in marketing is to seek to be understood. Be relevant and inspiring and empower people to choose you because of it.

    They will respond if they are given the chance.

    Learning to understand people through listening and observing is a skillset. I spent several decades learning and mastering it, and I still have a long way to go.

    Great post Rachel!

    Have a great week.

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted…How to Stop Inefficiently Losing Money in Content MarketingMy Profile

    • Hey Don,

      How exciting to be in the business of lifting people, their confidence and their business to heights that they were unaware they could achieve. Now the benefits of that are for both the entrepreneur and the customer. What an enjoyable job and what a great way to receive information.

      I agree Don, listening is a learned skill set. It is not something that we are instantly good at. But with practice it’s one of the most valuable of tools one can possess in their tool kit, especially these days when everyone loves to talk. We can really separate ourselves from the crowd with this skill alone. People really warm to a listener, who is interested not just waiting for their turn to have the floor.

      I have witnessed people come truly alive by showing interest, asking questions. It is when we can get to a depth of person where generally we only know them at surface level. Actually Don, I have just found my next post. Realising how passionate I am about listening. Thanks for your comments and a great conversation.


    • Hey Cynthia,

      I could not agree with you more. Feeling good about making others look or feel bad is the opposite. When you think about having a conversation and seeing a person smile or a light hearted laugh, now that’s something. Thanks for your comments.


  7. Hey There Rachel,

    Ahhh, empowering people. If more of us focused on this as opposed to judging one another, we’d be living in a different world.

    But I know why we judge people, so I won’t even judge the fact that we do it.
    We do it because we project onto others the things we reject in ourselves and try to change THEM. But when we come to accept ourselves, faults, flaws and all, we realize that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have to work with – as we have always done.

    I think it becomes easier to truly empower others when we’re empowered because you can’t give away what you don’t have. Self-awareness allows us to recognize ourselves in others – and vice versa.

    So many of us beat ourselves up whether we realize it or not, so to not do this to others can be tough.

    But it’s doable. In fact, self-acceptance is the key to peace. We can observe who we are and why we pull the crap we do. We can then see the bes tin others because we know they’re doing the same.

    I love that you mentioned highlighting the special qualities in someone else. It’s so easy to overlook our positive traits. I can’t begin to tell you how upon reflection, those reminders thanks to the observations of others has helped me immensely once I made it a point to recall them.

    It’s a great tool for eliminating self-doubt.

    As usual, thought provoking stuff Rachel 🙂
    Dana recently posted…Spaghetti with “Meat” Sauce (Vegan Recipe)My Profile

    • Hey Dana,

      Your first paragraph, ‘If more of us focused on this as opposed to judging one another, we’d be living in a different world.’ How did we get to being comfortable being judgemental rather than building the people around us up? It truly does not make sense if we think about it seriously. Although I agree with you.

      We should celebrate doing the best we can. Because that is all we can expect from ourselves. I have always seen looking outwardly at what others have as rewarding. Either I enjoy what they are doing or having, or they motivate me because I want what they have. Never begrudging always curious. As soon as we put a negative spin on someone else’s achievements or success we become immediately blind and miss so much of the good. No point being jealous of someone’s bank account because we don’t get access to it to spend. So if I want that bank account, I best start working towards it.

      Your right – so many people beat themselves up. I refuse to now, I got sick of hearing that on replay. And worse it has no benefit. When we are all accounting for every minute, thinking about beating ourselves up is a waste of time. We certainly free ourselves when we accept ourselves. That really is exciting isn’t it. Feeling okay about who you are. Like it really does lift the world from our shoulders and we are no longer a burden to ourselves.

      Great comment Dana thank you.


  8. Great post thanks Rachel. To this day I still remember this quote:

    ‘Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. – Stephen R. Covey’

    Great share! That nugget alone, let alone the rest of the post, changes lives. It did mine. I have to catch myself here & there but if it wasn’t for that quote i never would’ve been aware in the first place.

    Thanks Sam

    • Hey Sam,

      That quote is so true. People can’t even wait for another to finish a sentence before they are off on a ‘me’ tangent. Sounds like you are very much a thinker Sam and take responsibility for your words and actions. I bet there have been many changes you have made based on your observations.

      People and conversations make us excited and sometimes we can’t wait to share our own experience. How human are we all.

      Thanks for your comments.


  9. I feel like I am the person that always talks and doesn’t listen as well. I have been trying to improve this and let others talk more than me and I respond. It is really hard because I am a communicator, a talker, but I need to work on my listening skills!

    • Hey Christine,

      Listening is a skill that really does require practice. And it can certainly be a challenge. I used to butt into conversation while people were talking, to find that I did not appreciate when others did it to me. So I made a conscious effort to cut that out. Every now and then I get excited and still do butt in, then I apologise and get them to continue on.

      As I got better at listening, people started giving me more information. Before I knew I was getting conversation where people were constantly saying, ‘I’ve never told anyone that before, or I haven’t thought about that in ages’. That is positive feedback.

      You could start by thinking about what you like and dislike about other people listening to you and put some of that into practice if you wanted to become a better listener.

      Thanks for your comments.


  10. What a great post Rachel! I actually love to empower people and listen to other people’s goals and stories and struggles. Connection is so important and I find myself energized and re-motivated when I take time to focus on someone else rather than spending all of my energy on myself and my goals

    • Hey 204 Park,

      You nailed it. Empowering people certainly does give you energy and motivation. I’m a bit like you, I love hearing goals, dreams and those success stories can near have me hanging off my chair eager for the information.

      And when we listen and then get involved in the conversation focusing on the topic talked about the other person really does shine and get eager to give more.

      Thanks for your comments.


  11. Hi Rachel,

    Nice Post!
    I believe in empowering people but I am gender biased, I like empowering young girls and women to expand their horizon and live their life and pursue their dreams. In my last organization, I was heading Women’s community in Asia and I came to know that there were very few females who were ambitious and wants to grow in their life. Majority of the females wanted work-life balance and they were happy with their existing role. My effort was to motivate those women to move out of their comfort zone and aim high. I succeeded in influencing only 10% as the rest 90% has other priorities in their life. However I was happy to influence those 10% in transforming their lives
    Thanks for sharing this post with us!

    • Hey Ana,

      Sounds like you had the perfect job for you. Empowering young woman. How exciting to find ladies who were ambitious. You would have been able to do a lot with motivated individuals.

      10% of change is a wonderful figure, something you should be proud to have been a part of. The one thing I have learned along the way. You can be the instigator of change, you can see where people can soar high, you can see what skills and abilities others have, but if they don’t want it and they don’t go for it then, it that’s saying – you can take a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. There is only so much you can do for others, they have to do the rest.

      Thanks for sharing that Ana.


  12. Hi, Rachel

    Great post. Rachel

    No matter what kind of area we are in, I believe the skill of “empowerment” is essential for success. This is one of the important elements to build relationship. Empowerment is particularly important in leadership position.

    I like the quote by Steven Covey – “people don’t want to be responded to and they don’t always want us to do it for them”. It is so truth but I always commit that mistake

    We can empower people by listening, understanding, and encouraging.As we grow older, we become better. We may need many decades before we can master these skill set

    thanks for sharing your insight!

    – Stella Chiu
    Stella Chiu recently posted…Are Healing Miracles Real?My Profile

    • Hey Stella,

      A great leader would put empowerment to good use. Its a tool that can take their team to great heights and it’s a motivator. And as you say its how we build relationships, also making people feel safe and appreciated.

      Most of us want to spare those close to us any pain or suffering. We want to come to the rescue. Mothers have that in them as they come up with solutions to children problems and dealing with behaviours. It’s just like we don’t need our partners fixing our problems when we air them, all we want is to off load and for them to listen.

      Listening is an art form. It does not happen over night. It certainly is something we get better at Stella.

      Thanks for your comments.


  13. Hi Rachel,

    Yes! We have the right skills to empower people, but maybe we don’t know it yet, we can get better by doing it :).

    Waiting for the perfect moment, I like that! That’s totally true

    I really like the shares for twitter, kind of quote or something, what plugin is that?


    • Hey Nicolas,

      The only thing you need to be an expert in, is your own observations. What do you like or see as special in those closets to you? Share that with them. Making people feel good about themselves, it can lead anywhere.

      The plugin is called ‘Better Click To Tweet’, enjoy it. Before posting always preview as I find it does not give the 140 characters you get from Twitter.

      Thanks for your comments.


  14. Great post Rachel!

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Many folks are only out for themselves and really don’t take time to listen to others but if we all did that, this world would be a better place.

    It’s true, empowering others has so many benefits…for everyone involved.

    It’s all about sending out positive vibes.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Corina Ramos recently posted…Five Sites That Pay You For Writing And BloggingMy Profile

    • Hey Corina,

      Got to get those positive vibes happening. Everyone gets zapped with a dose of happy. Nothing better than seeing someone feel good about themselves and you had just a wee bit to do with.

      The skill of listen has always been undervalued, unfortunately even more so in this era of ‘look at me’. When we become known as the listener, people come from all over, they are comfortable and can’t wait to have their say.

      Thanks for your comments.


  15. Love the tips, most especially to remember that you can’t have any expectations about how someone will respond to your efforts. I sometimes becomes disappointed when a person doesn’t change, event though it would be so good for them to do so! Thanks for the gentle reminder.

    Lovely post, as always.


    • Hey Chanler

      Its rather an odd feeling to free oneself from expectation. It’s not because it frees you from disappointment although that certainly is a bonus. You really do get to embrace people for who they are. Its like you watch people succeed but you also watch people on a collision cause. You know what will happen but all you can do is be the observer and be there if they reach out.

      And that ‘I told you so’ is never any value because what you see others going through; you become aware that it was only because they did not know enough about themselves or the situation or a number of things really. It was there turn to learn the lesson. Be the person that hands over information and enjoy how people take it on. Honestly it takes away that frustration. Thanks for you comments.


  16. Hi Rachel

    You said so many wonderful things in this post. I agree that we should empower others and not try to shape them in what we want. They are special and should be driven from their strengths.

    I love to empower because I do know that everyone is an inspiration and makes a difference.

    Thumbs up to this post and thanks for sharing. Take care

    • Hey Ikechi,

      I agree Ikechi, its so important to empower others in order for them to shine in their own right. If we are doing anything but we are not empowering but manipulating. Big difference hey.

      You are the poster boy for empowerment. I always find your blog yells that to the world. You certainly make a difference by sharing your thoughts on how everyone’s and inspiration always encouraging others to make a difference.

      Thanks for your comments.


  17. The biggest skill Marcus has that we can learn from is his ability to listen. I mean really listen. I am terrible at this. My mind always runs ahead and I don t take in what people are saying to me.

    • Hey Alberto,

      It appears as though its your first time to my blog so welcome.

      Listening is a wonderful skill to have. In this day and age where everyone only listens to respond, to listen and show interest makes you stand ahead of the rest.

      There’s an element of stress in what you are saying. Feeling pressure, when this happens you can’t focus properly. You can use listening techniques such as mirror image the person you are listening too. Copy their body language. Ask questions to reiterate what that person is saying. Nod after every couple of sentences. I have even gone as far as saying, ‘hey I tuned out for a second, what did you say after such and such’. You’re showing interest and remaining in the conversation. Thanks for your comments.


  18. Oh what an inspiring article Rachel. I really loved the facts and truth behind it. Loved how you shared not to look for pats on the back and know when is the right time to talk with a person about their strengths and do some empowering so they can see their beauty shine. Loved it.

    One of my favorite things to do is empowering others. I love to walk away feeling as if perhaps a light bulb went off to see their strengths. It is never ever about me.

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s something I wish more people would practice. : )

    On another note, I am connecting differently with a few in my network and asking if they would like to get to know each other on a closer level to build friendships. I am going to share something personal about myself so you can learn about me. I’ve lived my entire life in Michigan, here in the United States and have 3 children (two boys and a mini-me teen daughter as well as two furbabies). I’d love to learn more about you. Feel free if you visit me again to share something personal in your comment as well. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better Rachel. : )

    Have a great week.

    Irish Carter recently posted…Save Your Vision Month is Here – Improve Your Eye HealthMy Profile

    • Hey Irish,

      Empowering people is so easy isn’t it? As we are expert in what we like and don’t like. The kick back from being generous with your observations is feeling good when others have been impacted by your share.

      We have turned into a narcissistic bunch. Where it is more than acceptable to talk about me, me, me. When we do something like share what we value in another person we change the norm. I’m so glad you find it easy and a joy to do this. Keep it up.

      Of course I would love a closer connection. I have a few behind the scenes people who I have a great natter to. Developing our connections. Its a great idea. I tell you I’m surprised you have four children, I would never have thought, your pic does not look like you’re old enough to have four kids. The furbabies understandable, but eight other legs. Wow. I will DM – look forward to our chat.


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