Arrogance is a chess game that nobody wants to play.

The King's Play.

The King’s Move.

Arrogance is comparable to a chess game, where the King is the only player.  Always keen for the next move to be to his advantage, yet nobody has put their hand up to participate.  There is no competition just a very trying person; wrapped in traits that hide insecurities.

The people surrounding the head of court are a team of Knights, Bishops, Pawns, Rooks and Queen and yet they are treated as the enemy when arrogance enforces its will.  While the King maybe generous, witty and playful when it suits; the rage and personal attacks are always what his people remember.

Arrogance is not about a win-win situation.  This type of behaviour walks through people, rather than guiding the group.  Unpredictable conduct does not create a good leader.  Some refer to it as being over confident.  This not the case as it is unbalanced and very unhealthy.  It’s aggressive and can strike out at any time.

It becomes embarrassing to witness and even be a part of.  Everyone feels for the person who is at the end of the attack.  But most of all, everyone is glad the tirade is not aimed at them.

It’s comparable to dancing to one person’s needy ways, because offending them will send them into fits of rage.  An arrogant person doesn’t considerater/review their own behaviour but is very judgemental on those around them.

Negative chatter and whispers dominate the conversation when the King is not around.  Upon his arrival a false charade is played out with fake smiles and behaviour.

His entourage recognise how fragile this arrogance is.  It constantly requires appeasing to the Kings needs in order for the room to remain anything other than aggressive, condescending or disruptive.

There are five of the Kings men assembled in a meeting room.  The mood is jovial; enjoying each other’s company.  When Mr Arrogance arrives at the scene, the energy shifts and atmosphere changes.  If you were to watch closely, you would recognise individual body language has adjusted and now stands to attention.

A couple get busy and make excuses to leave this area.  Others attempt a joke or two.  Testing the waters to see what type of mood the King is in.  All wanting to accommodate this time bomb called arrogance.

Each individual manages arrogance differently. People may behave, become defensive, may stay on guard or remain quiet in the presence of arrogance.  People respond and laugh on queue; mirroring the body language of arrogance, all the while they are feeling uncomfortable.  This is not bringing out the best in people.  A leader is not utilising their team effectively if people feel this way.

Arrogance and Fear Affects Peoples’ Work Ethic.

An approachable leader will create a safe work environment that thrives on utilising individual traits and dynamic thinking.  This generates results far more superior to the leader who runs staff by fear.  Working for a boss who is known for their moods and unpredictable behaviour, making people afraid; hides unique qualities an individual possesses.

Arrogance is emotionally unstable so a professional appraisal of work outcomes is based on their moods that shift sporadically.  Creativity is stifled as the individuals’ only motivation is to please arrogance, not allowing the mind to expand.

It does not matter how old you are or what profession you’re in, when you are constantly up against a boss who is difficult.  You spend more time tip toeing to their mood than you do on outcomes.

The King's Entertainment.

The King’s Entertainment.

The Court Jester was the Kings pleasure and crowd pleaser, now better known as the comedian.  There are those who lift the crowd with light hearted fun.

Then you have the pin pointers who select an individual and take them apart.  Rendering their victim powerless having no option but to accept their fate.  Some truths and over exaggerated statements are flown around the room.

Audience participation is demanded as the comedian demolishes an individual’s sense of self-worth in front of everyone.

The crowd responds with a cautious laugh.  This highlights a vulnerable and uncomfortable audience.  Nobody is safe when this type of entertainment is around.

These performances are mentioned right throughout history, however it does not mean they are appreciated.  It is the most acceptable yet unhealthy form of entertainment.

When have you ever known anyone to appreciate being put under the spot light in this fashion?  Someone raising their hand to the comedian and yelling, ‘pick me, pick me’!  It is passive aggressive no matter how you dress it up.  And it is normally dished out with a smile.

And yet we pay for this kind of amusement.  Could you imagine the King being targeted in this manner and how that would be received with an explosive temper?  Off with their heads, would be an irrational response.  And in the past this has occurred.

However let us not be dismayed.  Some performers in this industry can make a crowd roar with laughter.  Nobody fears this approach.  The audience relaxes into a fits of hilarity enjoying themselves with no reservations about their self-preservation.

Now this is entertainment and the fine art of making everyone inclusive.  A good comedian has material that lifts every-ones spirits, embraces all and moves their crowd to a heightened experience.  The roaring belly laugh wins all the time.  The cautious giggle is where the problem lies and is another form of arrogance.

A Superior Attitude.

A comedian making jokes at their own expense is a decision made as an entertainer.  However taking liberties as a performer and ambushing an individual is an abuse of power.

Just because the job criteria allows for this display of abuse, does not make it acceptable.  In some countries police carry guns and have stringent rules; when shooting to kill.  This does not mean they are not answerable for their actions.  What a blind belief to harness.  Cutting people down to get a laugh.

This type of behaviour is always cause for concern in other environments.  Policies and procedures have been created to ensure this type of bullying is weeded out of the work place.  So who do you complain to when your boss fits into the complaint criteria?

This bullying behaviour is hard work and creates stress for other individuals.  When an arrogant person feels threatened or out of control they will display aggressive behaviour.  A superior attitude that reins power over people creating a drama to reinforce their status.  Placing their needs above those they abuse.

This type of thinking is an insufficiency in the self.  Highlighting where major work in personal development is required.  Always looking outward and throwing weight around rather than taking responsibility for untoward behaviour.  This attitude is blinded and has no potential for growth.

When arrogance renders individuals to powerless positions, the action says my needs are more important than others.  When you are a leader, people have no choice but to accept this behaviour.  But never think it is tolerable.  Arrogance becomes a no go zone when people do have an opportunity for choice.


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  1. I love the analogy to the chess game. very clever. Reminds me of the arrogant theater sister I had to contend with when I did my nurse’s training many years ago. She was very prone to moods and if she my mind was wandering during an operation when I was the skivvy she threw a bloody swab at me! Talk about fear, but I was only young then.
    Sandy Halliday recently posted…How Detox Diet Carbs Help You Lose WeightMy Profile

    • Hey Sandy,

      Thanks for the comment and the visit. Firstly I want to apologise for such a late response. You were in my spam mail, I don’t know how that happened but I don’t check it that regularly. So sorry.

      After reading your comments I know you have been through it with your theatre sister. Isn’t it scary? They become moody in the spare of the moment, have us hopping around all nervous. Then they will even be annoyed that they made us nervous and tell us to stop that. But what a time to make you feel like that in the middle of operating on someone. You must be strong to be able to work under such pressure.

      Why is it that all our experiences of hardships all happen when we are young? Probably because as we get older we know how to handle it better and they are not memories just incidences. Thanks for sharing your personal story, I do enjoy them the most. Talk soon.

      P.S, thanks or the feedback on the analogy – it was the toughest post I had written and I thought it was a bit of a risk, so I appreciate the feedback.

    • I am impressed by your title which has a deep meaning and a perfect example of Chess game for Arrogance. And it is hard to identify the people who are arrogant surround us. And there is no doubt in that there are some benefits of being arrogant somehow as well as disadvantages which cannot be ignored as they think they can do anything and not required someone’s help and guidance.
      Jack recently posted…The Psychology behind Writing a Good Personal StatementMy Profile

      • Hey Jack,

        Its your first time to Dig A Little Deeper so welcome.

        Arrogance may initially not be obvious, however over time it becomes apparent. First it may confuse you. Maybe a person has an explosive temper, or instead of working with a team they walk through the group under-minding all the work that’s been done. Arrogance generally comes with abuse of power. It won’t remain hidden because its selfish.

        While arrogance may seem like it has worthy components, confidence, discipline and determination are far more balanced. More people gravitate towards those characteristics as they are safer. Arrogance is unpredictable.

        Thanks for your comments.


  2. Hi Rachel,

    I like the comparisons you made to arrogance and other’s needs and awareness of their own behaviors. It’s so fitting. Being arrogant is incredible judgemental of the other person. They only see things one way, theirs, without further consideration.

    I couldn’t agree more, fear is not the way to go when leadings others. I think it may have been very effective in other times, long ago. But in the contemporary world it works against you. I’ve witnessed how the unpleasant moods of a leader can hinder an individual’s strengths. In the end it can breakdown the team as a whole.

    I think humility is important. We’re all human, make mistakes and have more to learn. You don’t need to act superior to others to lead the pack.

    Lea Bullen recently posted…Why Gamble With Your Life? 7 Good Habits for Guaranteed SuccessMy Profile

    • Hey Lea,

      Thanks for you comments. It was probably the toughest post I decided on since I started. I had my doubts. I agree, arrogance is a lot of work and unpredictable so we always seem to step around the mood. For me this is a very exhausting experience.

      The 80’s and 90’s saw a shift in such attitudes and yelling and demeaning others started to lose its flavour.

      I too have seen some of the strongest most respected people being cut down from a superior in their moods. It achieves nothing, except as you say breaking down a team.

      Your insights highlight you know exactly what this sort of behaviour takes away from a person.

      Thanks for visiting my blog again, very much appreciated.

      Talk soon.

    • Hey Cathy

      Arrogance in the workplace can really reduce morale to an all time low. Unpredictable anger thrown at others abuses not only power but trust. Managers, bosses, section heads all have to be careful not to abuse trust in this manner, once lost, people really do lose interest and do things because of obligation and a paycheck/salary, rather than because their heart is in it. This creates different results. Thanks for the visit.


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