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You’ve come to the right place if you enjoy learning about yourself.  Working with your strengths to squash your limitations.   This is where self-development triumphs over ignorance.

The toughest relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself.  Everything you do revolves around thoughts and feelings.  Owning your words and actions is playing a whole new ball game with life.

You’d manage so much better if it weren’t for those pesky emotions.  Rising to the surface at the most inconvenient of times.

It’s that inner critic creating all the turmoil.  You respond or react to the external world according to what’s going on internally.  Recognising and separating the two is a powerful shift.

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You’re the Artist & the painting.

Dig A Little DeeperThink of yourself as a fine piece of art work, yet to be complete.  You hold the coloured palate in one hand while touching up a part of your painting with the other.

You then stand back and examine what you’ve done.  Pondering your last actions.  Determining whether you’re happy with it or not.  Overall you’re pleased.  However there are areas where further work is required.

When we examine ourselves through the eyes of an artist, it is never with disapproval.  It’s with tough love.  Always wanting to better ourselves for the sake of our own pleasure.  Hoping others will enjoy it but not deterred if they don’t.

A negative self-perception stops here, right now!

Dig A Little Deeper puts the spot light on how we interact with the world.  Discussing behaviour that works for and against us.  As humans, our struggle generally begins within ourselves.

  • Being flawed is who we are. With that comes two options.  We either accept ourselves or work towards change.  Both perspectives hold their own challenges.
  • We’re constantly judging ourselves on how we managed each experience. These harsh assessments can impact on our confidence.
  • We are our own toughest critic. Often ignoring our positive traits to focus in on everything that is wrong.

This blog shares practical self-development advice.  Working towards enriching the relationship you have with yourself.

Old habits.

We never seem to question what has been done time and time again.  Our autopilot behaviour is never assessed.  Phones, TV and cars are consistently upgraded.  Yet we forget that thoughts and habits need a service and overhaul every once in a while.

Examining old beliefs and actions.  Deciding on what you’ve outgrown.  Implementing a whole new approach to developing and nurturing your world.



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About the author.

Dig A Little DeeperWhat I really wanted to say in the opening statement was, I’m size fourteen and fascinated by Lycra.  Why can’t I wear the cat woman outfit, if I breathe in deeply?

I love the lunacy of life.  People who don’t fit into the norm.  The socially awkward, the introvert in a room crowded with noise.  Those who are always wanting to better themselves and the world around them.

At 45 I am master and appreciator of life and all its riches and tragedies.  Fascinated by the way humans overcome hardships.  Sharing kindness where hatred had the potential to live.  We are resilient characters able to sustain more than we recognise.

Dig A Little Deeper celebrates living and all those wonderful humans in the game of life.

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